Denise Nickerson, Violet in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Dies at 62

The actress Denise Nickerson, best known as a former child star appeared in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is deceased During the past year, Nickerson had had health problems following a serious stroke. This week, Nickerson was again hospitalized and entered a "coma-like" state after convulsions, and there was no sign of recovery. The actress was later removed from the resuscitation Wednesday, confirmed her son Josh Nickerson in a statement. "They just removed all the material, none of which was helpful, but made it even more uncomfortable," Josh wrote online. "We tell him that it's good to let go." Nickerson died later in the day at the age of 62.

One could say that Denise Nickerson was born to be an actress when she entered this world in 1957. She had her first show on TV at the age of 2 in playing in an advertisement for a heating company in Florida. A few years later, she co-starred with Betsy Palmer ( on Friday the 13th ) as Wendy's daughter in a play by Peter Pan who took her on the road. By the late 1960s, she appeared regularly on television, taking roles on shows such as The Doctors and Dark Shadows . The early 70's would see his guest perform in The Brady Bunch and join the cast of The Electric Company .

Of course, Nickerson's best-known role is that of Violet Beauregarde, a chewing gum antagonist, in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory . Directed by Mel Stuart, the film is based on Charlie's novel and Roald Dahl's chocolate factory. It tells the story of an eccentric factory owner inviting children to explore the facilities by means of a gold ticket. After neglecting to follow Wonka's instructions, Violet locates and starts chewing an experimental chewing gum with all the flavors of a three-course meal. Unfortunately, this also turns her into a big blueberry and Wonka lets her roll to squeeze her before she appears. Without a doubt, the scene is one of the most memorable moments of the film.

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The sequel

] Willy Wonka Nickerson took on a few roles additional acting in his youth. She appeared in the soap opera CBS Search for Tomorrow and in movies like Smile with Melanie Griffith, The Man Who Could Talk to Children with Peter Boyle and from Zero to Sixty with Joan Collins. However, when she turned 21 in 1978, Nickerson chose to retire from the theater. She has made only rare appearances on television since. This includes a meeting of actors for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on The great chef: Just Desserts who challenged movie stars to create their own dishes. Nickerson also participated in a televised actors' meeting in 2015 for the show Today .

We now wish to bid farewell to Nickerson, as we remember the mark that she left in Hollywood as a child star. . Even at a young age, the actress has immortalized forever with her memorable role in one of the best known movies of all time. She will not be forgotten soon. This information comes from Variety.

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