Detective Pikachu Earth Day Trailer Celebrates the Wonderful World of Pokemon

A surprisingly emotional new trailer for Detective Pikachu was published. Until now, the marketing campaign of the first-ever Pokemon live-action film can be described as many things, but the comfort and heckling of tears was probably not at the top of the list. Until now. This last trailer was released the day of the Earth and is set on the air of Louis Armstrong's classic What a Wonderful World . Maybe Pokemon and the tissues do not normally go together. They will certainly do it for many fans in this business.

The trailer, titled "What a Pikachu World", is a perfect contrast to what has been done before. Where others have focused on comedy, fun and action, this one is all about heart and Pokemon. We see Judge Smith's character forcing his way through a world full of these creatures. Given the melody he is tuned to, he will probably make some people cry a little. But that's the sentence that Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds' incumbent, inserts in the end for the character of Smith who really gets everyone home.

"Listen, my dear, if your father were there, he was hugging you so hard, the bones were going to appear."

This film is centered on Judge Smith, who interprets the character of Tim, who is trying to solve the mystery surrounding his missing father. Therefore, the line at the end of the trailer. Because Tim is the only one really able to hear Pikachu, they end up reluctantly partnering to try to solve the problem. The trailer was shared by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter and the actor had this to say about it.

"A wonderful little shot for a tired world. #DetectivePikachu"

Warner Bros. has a potentially astride this movie. Pokemon is a global brand established for more than two decades. He has over 20 animated films, hundreds of TV episodes and literally billions of trading cards. Still, no real action movie, until now. If that goes well, there could be a huge franchise on the table for the studio. They seem pretty confident in what they have, since they would have already started working on a sequel, with possible projects for other spinoffs and other movies taking place in this universe. in reserve, ready to operate.


At present, the film predicts an opening weekend of about $ 50 million or more. That said, once the critics intervene, this number can go much higher if the buzz is good. The distribution also includes Kathryn Newton ( Big Little Lies ), Ken Watanabe ( The Last Samurai ), Suki Waterhouse ( of the Assassination Nation ), Rita Ora ( ] Fifty Hues Released ) and Bill Nighy ( About Time ). Rob Letterman ( Goosebumps ) is the director's chair. On May 10, detective Pikachu is expected to go out to theaters. Be sure to watch the new trailer for the official Ryan Reynolds channel below.

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