Dev Patel Goes Full Metal in Twist on Arthurian Legend

A24 revealed the first trailer for The Green Knight . This is the latest from writer / director David Lowery ( Pete & # 39; s Dragon A Ghost Story ) and is expected to be another widescreen version of the legend of the king Arthur, albeit from another perspective. This is presented as "an epic fantasy adventure" and a "fresh and daring spin on a classic tale of the knights of the round table". From what we see in this trailer, it doesn't seem like hype. It really looks like a fresh look from top to bottom on Arthurian legend with a heavy metal makeover.

The trailer starts with a long elegant shot with Dev Patel as our main character, Sir Gawain, sitting in a large dimly lit room meditating in fancy dresses before her head literally ignites. We then move on to some city dwellers watching a puppet show that ends up becoming rather violent, with sequences alternating with scenes of Gawain embarking on a dangerous quest. The imagery does not lend too much clarity to the story being told, but it is grand, bloody, somber and magnificent. Specifically, there is a photo of the hand of a giant arriving at the top of a hill, which is quite impressive, and the final sequence is what you could call the " shooting money ".

While the jury is still out on whether the whole film is as impressive as the trailer suggests, at first glance it seems like a clever reinvention of a familiar tale for moviegoers. Watch what Warner Bros. tried to do with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in 2017. They went well with. They were walking on familiar ground and it bombed. True, it was on a grand scale, but the story of King Arthur has been told and told far too many times. This is nothing like the iterations we were treated to earlier, and it might help differentiate it. Not to mention the stacked cast, which also includes Alicia Vikander ( The Danish Girl ), Joel Edgerton ( It Comes at Night ) and Sean Harris ( Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The Green Knight focuses on Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), the eruption of King Arthur and the unruly nephew, who embarks on a dangerous quest to take on the famous green knight, a gigantic emerald-skinned stranger and male tester. On his journey, Gawain will run into ghosts, giants, thieves and intriguers in what will turn into a deeper expedition to discover his character and prove his worth in the eyes of his family and his kingdom.

David Lowery, most recently directed the last film by Robert Redford, The Old Man and the Gun . have generally gained critical acclaim, and he knows his way around a large-scale feature film, as evidenced by the live action Pete & # 39; s Dragon . It looks like it could be the perfect intersection of his independent sensitivity and his ability to grow tall. The Green Knight should be released in theaters on May 29 from A24. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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 Ryan Scott to Movieweb


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