Did In-Flight Infinity War Snap Victims Plummet to Their Deaths Upon Endgame Return?

makes its way to the Blu-ray / DVD and 4K Ultra HD today, which is really the last stage of the cycle for not only the biggest film of the year, but now of all time . It is, at this stage, a victory lap for Marvel Studios. Yet even after the sale of all these tickets and all the fans who have watched the film, some issues still need to be resolved, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has just answered a very important question. How did Hulk safely cancel the original Thanos cliché?

Just to recap. Thanos ended Infinity War by completing its mission. He gathered all the stones of the infinite and destroyed half of his life. The majority of Avengers: Endgame sees our remaining heroes try to collect the Infinity Stones via a trip back in time to cancel the cliche. Finally, this is accomplished and since Hulk is the most powerful of the Avengers, he chooses to make the cliché and bring everyone back. Hulk is successful. A great battle ensues, but those who were dusted by Thanos were brought back to life safely.

Many questioned this particular moment. There are many variables. And if someone underwent an operation at the time of the fall? Would they come back with an open chest? What if people were on a plane in full flight when shooting? Would they come back in the air? Kevin Feige, in a recent interview, asked this specific question. Here is what he had to say about it.

"If people were on a plane when they were sprinkled, they would not have returned to 35,000 feet, they would not have died because Smart Hulk was smart, and when he cracked. .. You can wish what you want and everyone can come back safely. "

While the details of the Infinity Stones' operation when their powers are combined remain unclear, it is clear that who brandishes the glove can more or less do what he wants, without limit. It is therefore logical that Hulk, with his strength and the brain of Bruce Banner, can think about this before snapping his fingers. If the credit is due, the people behind the MCU have an answer to this problem and think well.

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Directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, ] The Avengers: End of the Game was adopted by critics and fans, in its race to a record $ 2.79 billion box office. That was enough to help turn James Cameron's Avatar Avatar as the most profitable film to date, which is no small feat. This film had to accomplish many things, and not only did it succeed in satisfactorily concluding this great story, but it is clear that many reflections were devoted to how this was ultimately accomplished. Avengers: Endgame is now available on Digital HD or on your favorite media. This news reaches us via Empire.

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