Did Tom Holland Shoot a Spider-Man Cameo for Venom That Got Axed by Marvel?

It seems that Tom Holland may have shot this long rumor Venom cameo after all. At the time of the film's production, there were many rumors that Holland would join the scene for a brief appearance, but when the film was released in theaters, the young actor Spider-Man was nowhere to be found. However, all this could change quite quickly for the future, now that Sony and Marvel Studios have broken their links. Last week, it was revealed that the two studios could not conclude a new agreement to continue sharing Spider-Man .

Given that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will no longer be in the marvel The Cinematic universe ahead, at least for the moment, Sony is able to do what he wants with the character which was not the case a year ago. There were high hopes of including Holland in Venom to help create this element of a common universe and perhaps even bring Tom's symbiont Hardy at the MCU. The Disney and Marvel studios were apparently opposed to this idea and would not allow the Dutch cameo, which would have been shot, to be used last year Venom .

Venom was an unexpected box office success. Sony knew the movie was going to be well, but no one saw it crush abroad like it did, especially after fans and critics criticized it. A suite was almost immediately lit in green and is in pre-production at the time of writing, with Andy Serkis leading the project. Tom Hardy wants the suite to retain his advantage, receive and receive the R-score; so he would have helped to nail the story. Although it's too early to know if Tom Holland will be involved in certain capabilities, Sony can do what it wants right now.

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Sony is currently driving the success of Spider-Man: Far From Home . The film was still going to be a hugely successful box office, but the studio eventually managed to release its biggest hit movie of all time, which may have led to the split with Marvel Studios. Sony apparently would not need Marvel or Kevin Feige to continue making good decisions for the Spider-Man franchise although this has not yet been confirmed.

Although MCU fans are disgusted to see Tom Holland leave, the actor remains positive about the situation and is ready to go from the front. It was reported earlier this week that the two studios have resumed talks, but this has not been confirmed either. If this is true, it could be huge for both studios, which may be involved in negotiations Venom . As for the future to see Holland and Tom Hardy together on the big screen, there is nothing left to wait. The Holland cameo Venom was reported for the first time by the collider Live! Youtube channel.

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