Disney Is Currently Evaluating Gambit and Other X-Men Spin-Offs

It turns out that some of these derivative films X-Men such as that of Channing Tatum ] Gambit can still be manufactured. For those who have not heard about it for one reason or another, the Disney / Fox deal has finally been signed recently, which means the franchises X-Men and Fantastic Four which includes ] Deadpool are now under the control of Disney, which means that Marvel Studios will control the future of these properties and that they should be integrated into the world of Marvel Cinematic alongside other characters already used wisely. It was largely expected that Disney would give the ax to (almost) everything Fox had developed, but not so fast on that one.

Producer Simon Kinberg played a leading role in the X-Men franchise. a long time and he knows. Recently, he was interviewed at the premiere of The Twilight Zone . Asked about the status of films like Gambit Kinberg revealed that Disney was evaluating each of these projects as we speak. Here is what he had to say about it.

"All of Fox's films are being evaluated I like the idea of ​​playing Channing Gambit .I think we Scenario is perfect and I think it's a role for which he was born.This is a character that I have grown in love with and I know that fans love it. Hope this will happen, there will be a lot of mixing and merging now and I am very much in favor and enthusiastic to see. "

Gambit en particular, was particularly troubled, but Channing Tatum desperately wants to get it done. He would have even considered running it himself before the merger of Disney just to make sure that would happen. Other projects that should be abandoned include James Franco's Man Kitty Pryde's solo film known only as 143 and the film X-23 who was born in Logan . On a lighter note, Simon Kinberg was asked which character of MCU he would like to see next to X-Men and had this to say.

"I would probably say it's somebody from Wakanda or Iron Man, I mean, I love Robert, I worked with him." I like that. that he does with this character.I have the impression that he created the tone model for the MCU with the first Iron Man movie.And the Iron Man concept appears in X. -Men or Iron Man, interacting with Deadpool is rather exciting. "

As to whether Disney will actually save one or the other of these projects? We had previously heard that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had interviewed Noah Hawley about his film Doctor Doom which was encouraging. So we can answer that, for the moment, with a resounding sound. Ultimately, the question is whether any of these projects can fit into Feige's global vision for the MCU beyond . Avengers: Endgame . This news was reported for the first time by Variety.


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