Disney Resurrects Lucasfilm Games, Is a New Star Wars Game in Development?

It was revealed that Disney was resuscitating Lucasfilm Games with a mysterious new project. This has led to speculation that they are working on a new Star Wars game that will see the light of day and not hopefully be canceled. EA currently owns the exclusive rights to develop Star Wars games but they have only released two titles since the beginning of their partnership in 2012. This could potentially be great news for fans waiting for a new play in good circumstances.

In 2012, Disney stopped LucasArts, previously known as Lucasfilm Games. Lucasfilm Games was founded in 1982 and retained that name until 1990, when it moved to LucasArts. During the 1990s, the team released some of the best games of Star Wars including the Dark Forces series, which debuted in 1995 and was based on the Doom craze.

The Disney Careers website currently offers an employment offer on Lucasfilm Games for a mysterious project and other projects that will be broadcast on the interactive market, mobile gaming. , PC / Mac and all current consoles. There is no information on the project but a love of Star Wars is recommended in many job descriptions. We do not really know why Disney returns to the old name instead of continuing with LucasArts. The other requirements for the jobs include "experience and knowledge of the best practices of the game industry" and a passion for video games.

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EA succeeded LucasArts and achieved mixed results. More recently, it was revealed that the open-world Star Wars game that was so much talked about was canceled. Fans were waiting for the world match open for a long time, so the cancellation was very disappointing. This disappointment has already been built from the negative reaction to Stars Wars : Battlefront 2, accused of having a payment component to win with the controversy over the loot box. In addition, the game was not as polite as many would have liked.

Disney would always be happy with EA and would intend to continue working with them until the end of the contract. Lucasfilm Games will give Disney the power to create and develop its own games without having to hire outside consultants, which means that these new jobs may not all be focused on Star Wars . That said, we could see high quality games in the years to come with the official approval of Lucasfilm Games, which should be rather exciting for fans. Who knows, maybe this open-world game will eventually happen after all. You can view the job offers from Lucasfilm Games on the Disney Careers website.


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