Disney+ Teaser & New Details Arrive, Won’t Be Available on Amazon at Launch

We have some new details about the Disney + rollout. The next streaming service should arrive in November, which had already been revealed. What has not been clarified is how much the service will be made available to the world, in terms of the platforms it will serve and the non-US countries to which it will be its initial launch. We now know the answer to these questions and we also say that Disney does not bother with this latest company.

Disney revealed that Disney + would be available on almost all major streaming launch platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of potential customers. Platforms available for launch include Apple TV, iOS, Google Chromecast, Android, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Roku and Xbox One. The major absence is Amazon's Fire TV. Disney + will not be available on Fire TV devices at launch, but Disney adds that it will add additional services, including Fire TV. Nevertheless, it is a fairly complete list of services, especially at launch. Disney + will cost $ 6.99 a month or $ 69.99 a year in the United States

As for the territories, Disney + will be released in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands on the 12th November. Australia and New Zealand will be added a week later. November 19th. The company also promised that the streaming service would be available on "most major world markets" in the first two years. So, fans in some parts of the world may have to wait a bit, but Disney intends to capitalize as much as possible and they will surely not stay on their shoulders. In all likelihood, they will give priority to other major markets soon after the initial launch.

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Netflix is ​​currently the king of the hill when it comes to streaming gaming, with 150 million subscribers worldwide. But the competition is about to warm up a lot. Not only is Disney + coming, but HBO Max is on the way to WarnerMedia and Comcast is also working on a NBC brand service that should be launched next year. Plus, there are slightly smaller services, such as CBS All Access, that are fighting for subscribers. As such, premium content will be the key and Disney probably has more than everyone at the moment. Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic. Disney also offers an impressive range of original content for the service, including Live-Action Star Wars and Marvel Shows, a live remake of Lady and the Tramp and more. It had previously been revealed that Hulu subscribers would be able to buy Disney + as a supplement. It was also recently revealed that Disney would offer a package, including Disney +, Hulu and ESPN +, priced at $ 12.99 a month. Those who want to stay up-to-date can sign up to receive e-mail notifications on DisneyPlus.com

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