Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Disneyland for Limited Time This Summer

The electric street parade returns to Disneyland this summer. The classic play of light began in the 1970s and was completed in 2017. However, for 8 weeks, starting August 2, visitors will be able to experience the night parade in all its splendor. The parade is made up of "half a million glittering lights" and "electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds," according to Disney. Disney's long-time fans should be excited to learn the imminent return of the Main Street electric parade and should start buying tickets as soon as possible.

Rumors that the return of the Main Street electric parade would have appeared online at the time of the spotted trucks bringing the old tanks late into the night. The original version of the parade lasted until 1996 and was brought back with a huge response from park visitors nearly 20 years later. Fans who attended the last night back in '96 were able to purchase a $ 10 commemorative presentation box with a light bulb from an electric parade float on Main Street. Since then, these boxes have appeared online for more than $ 10, but not as much as was stolen in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

In recent months, Disneyland has welcomed a larger crowd than normal, with the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge the return of the Main Street electric parade will undoubtedly attract even more people in the park. When it was first introduced in 1972 at the Anaheim Amusement Park, it quickly became a pleasure for the crowd and has seen many changes over the years, as well as closures and replacements.

at Disney's California Adventure

The return of the Main Street Electrical Parade would employ 80 dancers carrying 11,000 LED lights. As for the changes to be made to the parade and its tanks, Disneyland has not announced anything like this yet. However, it will probably be a nostalgic trip for visitors who remember the night parade of their childhood. The theme song of the electric parade on the main street "Baroque Hoedown" will certainly be used, although the park can use one of the remixes suffered over the years.

The main street electric parade was created by Robert Jani and the project director, Ron Miziker, and various versions of the parade have been held in all of Disney's theme parks over the years. Spin-offs have also appeared, but none of them match the spark of the original, which could explain why Disneyland decides to bring it back for eight weeks. Hopefully this will initiate a new tradition of the Main Street Power Parade, which will take place a few weeks each summer. Disney will give more information before the parade resumes in a few weeks. The Disney Parks website was the first to announce the return of the electric parade from Main Street.


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