Disney’s Pinocchio Live-Action Remake Director Quits

The live-action of Disney, Pinocchio, has encountered another production problem. Paul King signed to direct the film last year, but it has now been revealed that he had completely left the project. In 2017, Sam Mendes was on stage to direct, but it left month after, date at which King arrived at the beginning of 2018. Disney continues its new formula consisting of remaking its animated classics and bringing them to the big screen, but Pinocchio proves a little more difficult to assemble than the others.

In a new interview, the director of photo Seamus McGarvey revealed that Paul King had left the live action of Pinocchio . . The project has been in development since 2015 and has not seen much progress since. However, it was recently revealed that Tom Hanks was in talks to play Geppetto, although this is no longer the case. McGarvey had this to say.

"The director basically pulled out of the movie, for family reasons, Disney is trying to find a new director, but yes, I've read this information that Tom Hanks and everyone else, but yes, they are trying to get it going. "

Disney and Paul King have not yet responded to the news at the time of writing this article. Finding a director can be difficult because the studio has already gone through two. That said, one has to wonder why Pinocchio turns out to be such a problem for Disney to take off from the ground. Tom Hanks is still attached to the film, it's not clear either. For the moment, we will have to wait and see.

A project Pinocchio that does not seem to have any difficulty getting off the ground is the stop-motion of Guillermo del Toro. animation version. The director / producer is very excited to present his iconic character to Netflix, which will not be a family event if all is said. The film will be a much darker version of history with political nuances and it's something that del Toro wants to do for a long time. Fortunately, his project seems to be running smoothly.

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Although it seems like Disney is having a hard time Pinocchio, who is a living actor, will start production, there is no doubt that they will solve everything in the near future. No matter who takes the film in charge, it will be difficult to say in real life, which could look more like the next Dumbo or The Lion King with a good dose of CGI to give life with the puppet. Disney is experiencing a rather big year with Dumbo the Lion King and Aladdin all struck at the theater a few months apart. You can view the interview of Seamus McGarvey below, through the YouTube movie chat channel


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