Disney’s Pinocchio Remake Eyes Back to the Future Director Robert Zemeckis

The long-running Disney remake, Pinocchio, may have finally found a director. Back to the future Director Robert Zemeckis is in preliminary discussion with the studio to take charge of the project. The studio was very lucky to revisit the past recently, as the remakes of their animated classics have proven to be very profitable projects. He has been on the studio's job list for some time, but they have struggled to convince a filmmaker to bring it to life. Zemeckis seems about to become one.

According to a new report, Robert Zemeckis is under discussion to attack Pinocchio as his next film and is considering the project since the summer. However, Zemeckis is currently working on the remake of The Witches for Warner Bros. It is said that he did not want to engage in another big film before being on safer foundations with his latest director effort. Now that The Witches is in post-production, Zemeckis is looking to hold his next concert and that's how the talks started with Disney.

Robert Zemeckis is known for his role as director of Back. to The Future trilogy, but has worked on many classic hits over the years. Some of his other credits include Who Framed Roger Rabbit Rejected In Search of the Stone and Forrest Gump which went up to 39 to win the best movie at the Oscars. In recent years, Zemeckis has turned to slightly smaller films, such as Allied and last year Welcome to Marwen which turned out to be a pretty big bomb at the box office. Zemeckis has also been on the radar at some other recent blockbuster concerts, as he was supposed to be about to take for The Flash for Warner Bros. also.

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Pinocchio is one of the very first animated films produced by Disney. Released in 1940, the film is centered on a puppet made by a man named Gepetto. A fateful night, the puppet is transformed into a real boy. At one point, Tom Hanks was being watched for the role of Gepetto. It is said in this report that Hanks conveyed the role. However, it should be noted that Zemeckis has collaborated with Hanks on several occasions in the past. So, maybe Zemeckis could find a way to woo Hanks, assuming his executive contract is concluded. Chris Weitz ( About a Boy ) is about to write the screenplay.

Paul King ( Paddington ) and Sam Mendes ( Skyfall ) been, at various times, previously attached to the remake. The recent remakes of Disney have been very profitable. This year alone, they Aladdin reported more than a billion dollars at the wicket and the lion king was doing even more business, raising $ 1.6 billion . Dumbo succeeded to a much lesser extent, with 353 million dollars. Beauty and the Beast Cinderella The Book of the Jungle and Alice in Wonderland . Pinocchio has no release date yet. This news comes to us via Variety.


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