Doctor Doom Script Finished, Noah Hawley Will Push Marvel to Make It

The Future of The Fantastic Four remains mysterious. We know for certain that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, officially took control of the property, as well as X-Men following the $ 71.3 billion merger between Fox and Fox earlier this year. Feige has announced a reboot of the franchise at the San Diego Comic-Con studio's presentation this year, but this will not happen for some time. This leaves an interesting and persistent question; What about the film by Doctor Noel Hawley ? The simple answer, for the moment, is that it's not yet dead.

A little context on this one. Noah Hawley, the creator of the series Fargo and Legion announced two years ago to the CHRC that he had written a film Doctor Doom for 20th Century Fox, well before the merger. To date, Disney is rethinking its strategy with Fox titles, as it has recently removed almost all production from the studio that was being prepared before the merger.

That said, it is a little surprising. to learn that this particular movie is not yet on the chopping block. In a recent interview, Noah Hawley was asked about the progress of the project and revealed that he was done with the script. After taking some free time, he will take the initiative to push Marvel to let him do it. This is what Hawley had to say about this.

"I mean, the current situation is that the movie is over and that Legion is over and I've taken some free time because somebody's said that there was this word "vacation", which means that you do not work, which even seemed very interesting to me.But you know, I have to come back to them and announce that I would like to do them and determine if it's possible or not, they already have a plan in place to know what to do with these characters or if they are open to my kind of vision for what what to do with these characters. But it 's a little bit of me now to go push them, which I will do it as soon as I get it. "

There are several interesting layers in which to dig. For its part, Dark Phoenix the last film of X-Men directed by Fox, released by Disney, was the subject of a disaster at the box office. The New Mutants A spin-off of X-Men on the horror theme, sits on a shelf and Disney seems to not know what to do with it. At the same time, the last film of Fantastic Four released in 2015, is the subject of criticism and commercial threats. So, Disney does not have much reason to think that everything that is developed under Fox's guidance is a good idea. ]

That said, Noah Hawley has proven himself as a creator. In addition, making a solo film Doctor Doom could be a unique way to introduce the villain and possibly the Fantastic Four to the MCU. It may be necessary to know how much Hawley can be convincing if he is to sit down with Kevin Feige. This news reaches us by the deadline.

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