Does Escape Room Stand a Chance Against Aquaman & Mary Poppins This Weekend?

The dominant reign of Aquaman At the box office should continue for a third week in a row. Warner Bros. recorded important returns on their latest DC offer during its first two weeks of national release, the film raising $ 52.1 million during its second weekend to win the box office title before the beginning of the new year. The horror film Escape Room will not be enough to defeat the king of Atlantis, nor even Mary Poppins.

Aquaman will win a third rare weekend at the box office with a budget of between 25 and 30 million dollars. To date, the adaptation of DC Comics led by James Wan has already grossed more than $ 820 million and is expected to become the first film of its kind to break the $ 1 billion mark since . That's exactly what Warner Bros. needed after what happened with the Justice League last year.

The number two should be back from Mary Poppins . which marks a new success for Disney. Until now, the sequel has garnered many positive reviews and Emily Blunt was praised for her performance as a titular and magical housekeeper. The film directed by Rob Marshall is expected to bring in between $ 15 and $ 20 million this weekend, which should give him the edge over the competition.

Third place at the box office will go to Escape Room the first hugely successful horror film of the year, presented by the director Adam Robitel and playing on the growing trend of escape-room attractions in major cities. Critics have not yet been revealed for the film, which often is not that good. Whatever the case may be, the crowd of horror films should help make the film a modest success, with a first film worth about $ 13 million.

The first five will be completed by another pair of deductions. Bumblebee The spin-off of Transformers which put the franchise back on track. There should be a close race between Bumblebee and Escape Room because they are both considering a similar opportunity, but the new version of will probably have the slight advantage here. Expect to see Bumblebee bring in about $ 12 million. Unfortunately, the film has not yet passed the 200 million mark in the world and, given the price of 135 million dollars, it is not extraordinary.

Spider-Man: In the corso, adding about 10 million dollars to its growing amount. Spidey's animated animated adventure has provided Sony with a new franchise opportunity. This weekend will also see the release of the drama State Like Sleep performed by Katherine Waterston and Michael Shannon, but will probably not do much in his first film. Be sure to check out our full list of recipe forecasts and check with us on Sunday for the full list of weekend estimates. These figures were provided by Box Office Mojo.

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2 Return of Mary Poppins