Dr. Doom Movie Is Stuck in Limbo, But There’s Still Hope

Even though the Disney / Fox fusion is about to end definitively next week, Doctor Doom [1945] The film we heard about may not have died in the water yet. It was originally announced by Fargo and the creator of Legion Noah Hawley at San Diego's Comic-Con in 2017, which he had been commissioned by Fox for the writing of 39, a solo film centered on the evil Marvel Comics. Since then, we have had some updates, but the project seems less and less likely as the merger approaches. However, this latest Hawley update leaves at least some hope.

Noah Hawley was in Austin, Texas, for SXSW, and on a panel he spoke a little about Doctor Doom . movie. He revealed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had asked questions about the film. Feige will ultimately control the fate of the characters currently held by Fox, including X-Men The Fantastic Four and, by proxy, Victor Von Doom. Feige asked Hawley if he was still working on the script, which he replied: "Should I still work on it?" No definite answer has been given, but Hawley really wants to do it.

"I would love to do it.Marvel has a 25,000 year plan.I just do not know if I can integrate there."

The Kevin Feige's even asking questions about it is intriguing. Noah Hawley also talked a bit about his catch. The scenario takes place in Latveria's home country Doctor Doom and was described as a geopolitical film about the Cold War. After spending a decade in isolation, Doom invites a journalist to visit her country and share her message with the world. This would be far from anything we have seen of the character in the previous Fantastic Four movies.

It is highly unlikely that Marvel Studios wants to have anything to do with the Fox version of the X-Men franchise once the merger is complete. They will want to press the reset button on that one. The same can be said of the fantastic after what happened with the disastrous restart of 2015. That said, there is no real reason for them not to find the way to thoroughly incorporate Noah Hawley's film Doctor Doom into the MCU. There is no reason that a character like this can exist and it is rather practical that he is isolated for a decade. Iron Man was released in 2008, which means that he would have gone into isolation soon after Tony Stark revealed his hero identity to the world.

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If we were to present odds of betting to anyone, he would would remain to say that the bet is against. It still sounds like a very interesting shot and Kevin Feige likes to line up with the best talent in the industry who have not yet had the chance to tackle a blockbuster movie. Noah Hawley certainly qualifies. We will have to see how it unfolds after the official close of the merger next week. This date had already been reported by Deadline.


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