Emilia Clarke Stars in George Michael Inspired Holiday Rom-Com

Have you ever wondered what a romantic comedy inspired by Christmas-inspired George Michael's songs might look like? And if that same film had been directed by the guy who made Bridesmaids and played Khaleesi's main role in Game of Thrones as a singing elf? We do not need to ask anymore, Universal Pictures having released the first trailer of Last Christmas which is exactly that.

The film is titled by Emilia Clarke ( Game of Thrones ) and Henry Golding ( Crazy Rich Asians ) and comes from director Paul Feig ( of Simple Favor of Spy ). The romantic comedy was indeed inspired by the songs of the award-winning artist at the Grammy Awards.

The trailer starts by staging the character of Emilia Clarke, who clearly has not the time of his life now. She then makes a chance encounter with Henry Golding and, although she initially has some bird poop, the two men begin an unlikely romance. There are a lot of emotional elements in the mix and it seems like it will play with some typical Roma tropes.

Paul Feig had recently directed last year's thriller A Simple Favor that was critically adopted and was an incredible success, which brought a number of $ 100 million box office business. Although Feig has not yet addressed the subject of a romantic comedy, it seems to be up. Emma Thompson ( Late Night ) and Michelle Yeoh ( Star Trek: Discovery ) are also part of the cast. Thompson, in addition to his lead role, also co-wrote the screenplay alongside famed playwright Bryony Kimmings.

Last Christmas is centered on Kate (Emilia Clarke), who is living a rather grumpy existence in London. She took a lot of bad decisions accompanied and works as an elf in a Christmas shop open all year. Tom (Henry Golding) seems too good to be true when they meet on a chance encounter. He begins to see through the many walls of Kate. While London is turning to the holiday season, nothing should work for those two and yet, that's the case.

In addition to being simply inspired by the songs of George Michael, the film presents some of his current music, including the holidays. classic for which the film is named. Last Christmas will also be presented as the artist's first new unpublished material. David Livingstone, Emma Thompson, Paul Feig and Jessie Henderson are producers.

This event is expected to become a potential success for the holiday season. Not only does the film have a nice set of a seasoned director, but it comes out at the right time. Last Christmas is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 8 and is not a ton of direct competition for this kind of film in the Christmas perspective, which means that # He could have long legs at the box office. So, if critics react kindly, we might consider a big winner. Do not forget to watch the trailer on the Universal Pictures YouTube channel yourself.

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