Endgame Director Claims Toy Leaks Are 99% Inaccurate

Avengers: Endgame Director Joe Russo says that toy leaks are usually quite imprecise. There have been more than a few toy leaks in the upcoming movie over the past few months and they could fall into designs created early in the development phase. However, since one of the Russo brothers tells us that this information could be a bad giant, what they have been known to do. In addition, filmmakers easily avoid leaving traces.

When it comes to leaks from Marvel Studios, toys are often the first to come out as they have to be made long in advance. Avengers: Endgame was no different. We have seen quite a few toy models that seem to give us a quick overview of what can happen in the movie. But Joe Russo says it's mostly fake news. He explains.

"What's interesting about toy leaks is that 99% of the time they are not accurate because the toys are, in fact, adapted to old concepts or concepts completely different from those of the movie.I laugh a lot when these toy leaps appear because I say to myself, well, that's great, because it's a wrong direction (laughs). It has nothing to do with the movie. "

Of course, Joe Russo might just be throwing Marvel Cinematic Universe fans out of the scent. But we've seen toy leaks that were pretty imprecise in the past, including Hulk breaking the Hulkbuster costume that was released before Infinity War was released. Obviously, Hulk was not in Hulkbuster costume at any time of the last movie, but the toy was still made that way.

When One Looks At Avengers: Endgame Toys leakage during the first official promotion, it is quite possible that we see something that has long been abandoned by the Russo brothers. For example, the white suits we have seen often, which many consider to be Quantum Realm costumes, may not be included in the film and may be based on very old artistic concepts. Or, the Russo brothers are just sneaky and throw a big mistake in our path.

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The Russo The brothers are the ones who denied that Endgame was the title Official of Avengers: Endgame when we asked him about it, just to throw us all together. That said, even for a movie as big as Endgame, there was not a lot of toy leaks, especially compared to Captain Marvel but that could very well change in the next one. a few weeks that the film is preparing to go out in theaters. For the moment, the Russo brothers warn that most toy leaks do not provide any information on the next film, unless they are in this rare 1%. You can check the interview with the Russo brothers below, thanks to the YouTube channel Collider.


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