Endgame Featurette Brings a Spark of Hope for Surviving Heroes

Marvel published a new featurette for Avengers: Endgame . "Imagine if, for the first time, our heroes were all lost," says Robert Downey Jr. at the beginning of this new look at the highly anticipated follow-up to the war Infinity . We do not have to imagine because that is exactly what happened last time we left our heroes. Those who did not just lose the battle were dusted off by Thanos after Mad Titan reached his goal of collecting all the Infinity Stones. This is the very important issue for this film, which will end up in the Marvel film universe.

The Explorer tells the tragic end of Infinity War, while including various clips of interview and splicing sequences of Avengers: Endgame . It is a sequence that we have already seen, but it is presented in one way, with the interviews, which helps to present the emotional issues. Chris Evans speaks in the video of the situation of each one when we find them the day after the devastating finger of Thanos.

"Everyone is doing their best to keep their heads out of the water, but it's a bit of a losing battle." We lost and we are not used to losing. We have really leveled out – not just in the literal sense, but morally and emotionally.What is good, it is that it is always easier to replenish people once they have collapsed. That's what Marvel does well, it's the same hope that everyone is looking for. "

Scarlett Johansson also appears and says that Black Widow" is a bit hardened by what She had to endure it. "She seemed particularly angry in the trailers we saw, but everyone else was too. Those who have survived do not have anything to be happy about.

Perhaps Hawkeye alone seems to be more angry and, according to a probably true theory regarding his family's fate, he has good reason to be angry. Clint surely has one or two arrows bearing the name of Thanos. It remains to be seen whether they will do something good or not. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also spoke about the reaction of fans of Infinity War .

"The reaction of the fans at the end of Infinity's war, when half their favorite characters turned into dust were really revealing of how the world became emotionally connected to these characters."

Although there is no new sequence to be engraved, it is a tool to help tide lovers. It is clear that Marvel and the Russo brothers are playing this one near the chest. They hide most of the surprises for the moment. However, there were some hidden surprises in the recent batch of 32 character posters that were published online. We have also included a sheet below, which gathers all the posters, divided between those who survived and those who did not. Avengers: Endgame will be released in theaters on April 26. Do not forget to watch the new video from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel below.

The international poster Endgame brings out Hulkbuster

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