Endgame Footage Splits Up the Teams

The Last Avengers: Endgame A new television spot presents the most powerful new heroes of the Earth while they are preparing for battle. The press tour for the much-awaited sequel is underway and it is very amusing to see the actors trying to talk about the film while being extremely careful not to let anything escape. Trinh Tran, the producer of Endgame recently revealed that the entire film is practically a big spoiler, so it is very difficult to avoid the subject while promoting it at the same time.

The ] Avengers: Endgame A television commercial features white suits, which have been unofficially known as Quantum Realm costumes. Captain America gives a speech as we see new images of Rhodey and Nebula, Tony Stark, as well as new Rocket and Ant-Man dialogues. Cape confirms that the group will split into teams, although it is difficult to know how they are divided. However, according to the sets and other sequences of the film, it seems that Iron Man, Cape and Ant-Man are together, while Nebula, Rhodey and Rocket form a team. That leaves Black Widow, Hawkeye and Bruce Banner to Captain Marvel.

As for the splitting into teams, we do not know why they do it, but we have talked a lot about the fact that Avengers: Endgame will use the time travel through the quantum realm. That said, teams are expected to go through time, seeking to steal Infinity Stones to reverse decimation. The last full clip of the film indicates that the plan is to get the Stones at Mad Titan, but plans may have to change, even with Carol Danvers at their side.

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The Russo brothers did an excellent job of keeping everything about The Avengers: Endgame . Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige said all promotional material released to date came from the first 30 minutes of the 3-hour, 58-second film. In addition, the Russo have admitted to using footage that does not even appear in the final version to deter fans from discovering anything else. We are all waiting for Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland to escape.

Mark Ruffalo seems to have learned his lesson over the years. When Avengers: Endgame was taken over, the comedian took a break on social networks and has since made a comeback, taking care not to give too much information to his fans. There are only a few weeks left before the release of the film, which means that there is still time for Ruffalo to sneak. But for the moment, we have the new Avengers: Endgame TV spot to pick a party and examine it while we wait. You can watch the TV spot below, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.


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