Endgame Meets Aladdin Fan Art Turns Will Smith’s Genie Into Thanos

A New Great Aladdin A New Will Smith & # 39 Fan Genie and turned him into the evil Thanos of the Marvel film universe. When the last trailer of the live remake of the animated classic of 1993 fell, many eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Disney logo was in dust, which led MCU fans to guess that the decimation had hit the studio when Mad Titan finished balancing. plan. Unlike half of the universe in Infinity War Disney is still very much alive and the trailer of Aladdin inspired a pretty fan-art hilarious MCU.

Taking Will Smith's Aladdin Genius and doing it purple has been done a lot since the trailer dropped earlier this week, but this new StSpyro fan art takes a notch Not only is the genie purple like Thanos, but he also possesses the gauntlet of infinity with some of the armor. The character of Aladdin was changed to Thor and Smith, Mad Titan, designates him and says to him: "You should have taken your head."

in addition to Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin We were treated to a Robin Williams version, thanks to the BossLogic artist fan. Fans were rather pleased with this release, as many are not happy with Disney's decision to release remakes of some of their favorite movies. Whatever the case may be, social media has exploded at the sight of Will Smith as the iconic genius evoked by Robin Williams in the original 1993 and few reactions have been positive.

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Will Smith know exactly what he was going to do when he embarked on the Aladdin ] remake live-action. Asked about his role at the end of last year, he likened it to his remake of The Karate Kid that he had done with his son Jaden. In the end, the actor decided that his take would be very different from that of Robin Williams with the character. He explains.

"It's always terrifying.The question is always: where was there meat left on the bone, and with the Robin Williams character, Robin did not leave a lot of meat on the bone.For me The first aspect was that it was live action, which meant that it would really look like a different feeling, that's why I was And then, after watching the movie a few times, I saw where Robin Williams had infused the character with a timeless version of himself, so I thought, What if I infused him with a timeless version of me? "And that opened me up for me … hip-hop, it opened up fashion, because Genius is timeless, you can really say and do anything, so I've started to be confident of being able to deliver something that would be a tribute to Robin Williams, but that was musically different and the flavor of the pers Onnage would be sufficiently different and unique to the point of different way compared to the competition. "

e response to Will Smith Aladdin The genius was less than stellar, people judge it from a few seconds of film. from the movie to see what Smith could bring to the table in the remake of the live-action Who knows, Disney fans may like it all.What ever, you can consult Thanos and Genius epic below, thanks to Reddit.


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