Endgame Poster Unites the Surviving Heroes for the Ultimate Battle

Disney and Marvel left a nice surprise to everyone this morning, sharing a brand new The Avengers: Final Trailer . This new sequence is accompanied by the key art of this last chapter of Marvel Phase 3. We have the main poster that brings together all the surviving heroes for a last fight against Thanos.

Marvel describes the end of Infinite War as a serious course of events. Thanos has launched a decimation that has destroyed 50% of the universe, including some of the world's greatest heroes, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther. Now, the remaining Avengers, fractured and defeated, must regain strength and courage to face the greatest threat in the galaxy. These noble warrior heroes will take one last decision against Thanos to save humanity and all living beings from the universe, at the moment when Marvel will complete the conclusion of their vast and epic film 22.

Iron Man survived the cold reaches of space to join the mission alongside Nebula. Surprisingly, this last insight gives a glimpse of it, as they are dressed in their combinations of quantum realms. We do not see this white armor on this new poster, but the latest images show it in all its splendor. Tony Stark assumes a leadership role here, largely dominating his team. He is much more present than the most powerful hero of the universe, Carol Danvers appearing as a member of the mid-level team in the central promotional art. As it should be, according to all the reports, this seems to be the last entry of Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU.

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Chris Evans is also standing tall and proud with Captain America. He has shaved his beard and looks ready for the ultimate showdown this summer. Chris Evans as Thor is the third largest presence on this poster, showing his rank and his order. Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is barely larger than Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, but it also helps push her a step further among the other heroes.

Jeremy Renner, Ronin, is also part of the new colorful characters. bow and arrow drawn and ready for attack. Hulk is nowhere to be seen, which makes us wonder if the big green guy will show up even during the first two-thirds of the movie. We know from the toys that the nasty green machine will fight in his own Avengers jacket. But here is Mark Ruffalo looking serious as a scientist

Karen Gillan, Nebula unsheathing her weapon, ready to confront her father at any cost. Don Cheadle's War Machine is ready and ready to explode in an action stance. Paul Rudd's Scott Lang looks a bit satisfied, and we have Danai Gurira coming back as Okoye, the only senior principal Black Panther coming back. Finally, we have Rocket Raccoon who appears a little fearful and scared.

Thanos stands above the poster, casting a purple shadow over everything. This excellent news shows it all, with clues that the Avengers could win this round. This poster comes directly from Disney and Marvel Entertainment.

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