Endgame Set to Bury All Newcomers & Break More Records in 2nd Weekend

Last weekend The Avengers: End of Game finally hit the theaters and broken every beat may burst with a domestic start of $ 357 million. At the time of writing these lines, the film has already grossed $ 1.48 billion worldwide. Even if some newcomers are in the room this weekend, the heroes of Marvel will once again be in the majority. STX Long Shot Week Ugly Dolls of Screen Gems The Intruder and Briarcliff of Screen Gems and Briarcliff El Chicano ]

The Great Record on the Table of Avengers: Endgame (National Box Office) on his second weekend is the second most important weekend of all time. This disc currently belongs to Star Wars: The Revival of the Force which raised $ 149 million in its second game in 2015. Unless the last of the directors Joe and Anthony Russo is really falling free, beat that record. Even if the film drops by 55%, which is likely, it will bring in about $ 160 million. Personally, I predict a fall of about 50% from one week to the next.

On the World Front, Avengers: Endgame could take another important step this week. Based on its success in China and other key markets in its second scenario, Infinity War's follow-up could hit $ 2 billion on Monday morning. This will make it one of the five most profitable films ever published. In the current state of affairs, he is already in eighth place, just behind Furious 7 ($ 1.51 billion).

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This brings us to this week's newcomers. Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, a long-running romantic comedy, will now be in second place. The film has garnered very positive reviews since its debut at SXSW. The political-themed comedy, which comes from director Jonathan Levine, is expected to see a solid start of around $ 15 million. The next step should be Uglydolls, which seeks to capitalize on the family crowd. The film adaptation of the famous line of toys will also be in the range of $ 15 million, although it will probably have to barely fit for third place.

The drama thriller The Intruder, starring Michael Ealy, Meagan Good and Dennis Quaid, is expected to land in fourth place with between $ 10 and $ 13 million. Given the film's relatively low production budget, this is not a bad start. The odd man of the week is El Chicano which is Ben Hernandez Bray's first film, with director Joe Carnahan The Gray . Marketing for this one has been minimal, so it should have a relatively modest start of $ 3 million or less. Its success may depend entirely on word of mouth in the coming weeks. It should also be noted that Captain Marvel will probably complete the top five, making it another great week for Disney. Be sure to check out our full list of weekend box office forecasts and come back on Sunday for weekend estimates. These figures were provided by Box Office Mojo.


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