Endgame Sinks Titanic in Record Breaking 2nd Weekend

Avengers: Endgame officially surpassed the James Cameron Titanic and is now the second coarse film of all time. The most powerful heroes of the Earth managed to earn $ 145.8 million in the domestic market over the weekend, bringing their global total to $ 2.189 billion in just two weeks. Obviously, the film managed to secure first place at the box office for the second consecutive weekend. In 1997, the Titanic earned $ 2.187 billion (uncorrected from inflation). In addition to new milestones, Endgame now has the most profitable week of all time after winning $ 562 million globally last week.

The James Cameron Avatar is the highest gross movie of all time, currently at the top of the box office at $ 2.7 billion. Avengers: Endgame could very well dethrone the current box office champion, and if this craze persists, the film will do so soon. The $ 11 million psychological thriller The Intruder will be number two this weekend. The first weekend is pretty solid for the film since it receives negative reviews over the last few weeks.

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron's romantic comedy, Long Shot, took third place at the box office this weekend in $ 10 million. The film had positive screenings, which saw the studio change the release date a few times and it unfortunately landed in the midst of the tremendous success of . Avengers: Endgame . Uglydolls debuted with $ 8.5 million, which was enough to take fourth place this weekend.

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after getting a shot in the arm from Avengers: Endgame last weekend, Captain Marvel fell from number two to number five this weekend. The Marvel Studios project has generated $ 4.2 million and generated $ 1.1 billion globally over the past nine weeks. The Christian drama Breakthrough reported $ 3.9 million, followed by the horror film The Curse of La Llorona at number seven with $ 3.5 million

DC (Shazam! ) still holds up well and takes eighth place this weekend after bringing in another $ 2.4 million. To date, the superhero movie has generated $ 355.5 million worldwide. Number nine went to Little which brought in $ 1.47 million. Dumbo earned $ 3.9 million this weekend and took tenth place. The live adaptation of Disney's classic was conducted by Tim Burton and has been a steady source of box office revenue over the past six weeks. You can check out the rest of this week's figures at the Mojo Box Office.



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