Endgame Theory Believes Thanos Wanted to Stop Galactus with His Snap

Was Thanos collecting Infinity Stones in order to thwart him? A New Avengers: Endgame hints that the Mad Titan was not so crazy after all in his quest to eliminate half the population of the universe by The War of the Infinite ]. Now that Captain Marvel was released in theaters, we focused on Endgame that will be released in theaters next month and that will end Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, with some of indispensable answers about the future of the most powerful heroes on the planet.

Now that Avengers: Endgame is so close to the theater that fans begin While MCU fans are trying to figure out what the Russo Brothers have planned for the end. According to a new theory of fans, Thanos has decimated half of the universe in order to prevent Galactus from feasting on planets. On Titan, Thanos says that there were not enough resources for all the people who lived there. It was there that he had the idea of ​​collecting the Infinity Stones to eliminate the populations in order to make sure that there were enough resources available. to the survivors.

The Galactus-eating world attacks only "ripe" planets and with half the population annihilated, the planets will be less desirable to him. The fan theory suggests that Titan was destroyed by Galactus, who could have sucked the planet's power from its nucleus, which would explain why the planet was off-axis, as Star-Lord notes in Infinity War . If Thanos had simply doubled the resources of all the planets, they would probably be much more desirable for Galactus, which means that the Mad Titan is more of a hero than any other decisive element.

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It was teased as Avengers: Endgame have a bigger threat than Thanos and that could very well be Galactus. In addition, we will need a new villain for the future and the last film of Phase 3 is the perfect time to introduce this new character. The history of Infinity War leaves much room for the interpretation of the reasoning underlying the Thanos decisions. That being said, the Russo brothers themselves have described the latest version of the journey as a hero for the villain.

One of the reasons for the decimation of Thanos could have been a way to stop Galactus, which would be very interesting. . Thanos admits that he was described as crazy for his quest, but few people would have accepted it. His plan was to dust off half of the universe in order to save the other half. Anyway, this is a pretty interesting fan theory that deserves further investigation. The Marvel Studios are silent and we still have a little more than a month before Avengers: Endgame is in theaters. The theory of Galactus and Thanos was born at Reddit.


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