Endgame Title in Infinity War

Marvel fans rejoice! Today, it is as if all Internet moviegoers have been waiting since Marvel Studios unveiled the official poster and, what is even more important, the first trailer of what we now know what to call Avengers: Final . This is true. Avengers 4 has a title now! It turns out that Doctor Strange we revealed it at the end of the war against Infinity. So, in a way, we have known the title for a while, we did not just know we knew it.

Fans will surely remember, after Doctor Strange Tony Stark, Spider-Man and the Guardians lose their battle against Thanos on Titan, the good doctor gives the stone of time to crazy titan in exchange for Tony’s life. Strange, before this battle, had examined several million futures contracts with several millions of different results, including only one. They succeeded. Before turning into a pile of dust as a result of “The Decimation”, aka Thanos, the extremely lethal killing blow, Dr. Strange tells Tony that they were in the “final phase”. And so, without our knowing it at the time, he revealed the title of Avengers 4.

There was a lot of speculation online about what the title would be in advance and , given Stephen Étrange’s raging remarks about Titan, many had guessed that Avengers: Endgame would be the title. It turns out that they were right. We talked a lot about the title in advance and the fact that Marvel did not want to reveal it. But, in the end, the title is not so overwhelming. Is it appropriate? Certainly, but does not tell us much about what awaits the remaining heroes as they attempt to cancel the results of this attack and to take revenge on Thanos.

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Even The Trailer Did not Reveal Much, relatively speaking. We have not seen any sign of anyone who has returned to ashes in Infinity War with the exception of Peter Parker’s face on the planet. Bruce Banner’s projection screen, clearly indicating that Marvel does not want to give away all that’s left until the time has come. Tony Stark is lost floating in space on a clock waiting to die until his oxygen is exhausted, thinking of his dear Pepper Potts. Captain America and Black Widow are back on Earth trying to find a solution to the problem, and our old friend Hawkeye looks pretty tough after assuming his new Ronin identity. We guess things are not going so well for his family once Thanos has broken his big purple fingers. Oh, and in one way or another, Ant-Man has managed to break out of the quantum realm.

For now, we, the fans, have a lot more to chew than we had yesterday. But really, there are many more questions than answers at this stage. Fortunately, we will not have to wait as long to get an answer to these questions because the release date of what is probably the most anticipated film of next year has also been increased. Marvel will be published Avengers: Endgame April 26, 2019. Mark your calendars because we are in the final phase now.


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