Endgame Trailer Celebrates the Heroic Legacy of the MCU

Marvel has released a new trailer Avengers: Endgame online as the countdown of ten days of the cinematic event of the year begins. The studio was incredibly dumb about what will happen next week when the Infinity War follow-up will finally arrive. Example, this trailer does not give us a lot of new images. This, however, sums up the entire Marvel cinematographic universe to this point, suggesting new images that prepare for the millennium's revenge.

The trailer starts with Nick Fury: "Heroes, it's an old-fashioned notion" on a photo of the hangar at the Avengers' compound. We will then head to one of the most epic supercuts that Marvel fans will likely see. Beginning with Iron Man the video discusses the key moments of each MCU film that help define the end of this immense and unprecedented arc of 22 films we will be witnessing. There are key moments of the voiceover of the various films that help all to put the pieces in place. There are times with those who have survived and with those who have been victims of the Thanos crisis. This puts the issues on the agenda.

Finally, we come up with new images of the team, united in their goal of revenge of the universe. If they can not fix things, they will at least charge Thanos. Steve Rogers has an epic line and there is a particularly good time with the team putting all their efforts together. The thing ends with an incredibly tense and heroic shot of the heroes who come face to face with Mad Titan. That does not give us much at all, but it's just enough to give go-getters hardcore.

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This is most likely the last Official movie that we will get before the movie arrives in theaters next week. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as Disney and Marvel Studios, have been very careful not to divulge the secrets of this film to fans. Unfortunately, much of the video, which would have been heavy as a spoiler, leaked online, despite all the efforts made. Again. This means, in fact, that they will be even more careful not to reveal too much as the release date approaches.

Leaked or not, fans will be mass-produced around the world to see this movie on the opening weekend. It is highly anticipated that the box office will break records at home and abroad, according to some optimistic estimates, which could see a $ 300 million debut in the domestic market, breaking the previous record. This, despite the fact that the film runs a little over three hours. Avengers: Endgame is scheduled to arrive in theaters April 26. Be sure to watch the new Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel trailer below.


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