Endgame TV Spot Will Get You Pumped for the Event of the Summer

Marvel offered us another new Avengers: Endgame weekend. The final countdown for the hardcore fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived. We have a week, or a little less than a week, for those who see it on Thursday night, before the long-awaited follow-up of Infinity War finally arrives. Now we have a brand new TV spot that comes not only with some new action packed footage, but also positions this movie as being the official start of the summer, although, technically, there is still than two months.

For the most part, this TV commercial contains just as many cool shots as possible in 30 seconds. He succeeds at this level, of course. But there are some new little things to watch for, such as Tony's little dialogue, Ant-Man which is literally launched as an insect in action and some kind of Captain Marvel's kindness. All this leads the remaining heroes to come face to face with the Mad Titan, which is sort of positioned as a defining moment since the first feature film hit.

But is this really the case? to be the highlight? Is it going to be that simple? Marvel has done a lot to keep this movie secret, and filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo have even admitted to misleading images in the main trailer. Why go through all this trouble if the final phase, so to speak, is really only their second match against Thanos? True, fans need this to happen, but if I were a man who bet, I would say that there will be more things going on here than what it seems to be on the surface. No doubt the gang will still fight with Thanos. But do not be surprised if Marvel and the Russos throw us one or two huge bullets here.

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The MCU debuted 11 years ago, with a lot of humility , with Iron Man. Since then, it has become a phenomenon of pop culture that, in many ways, has reshaped Hollywood, encompassing 22 films and generating $ 18.5 billion at the box office. As the MCU continues, this is presented as a conclusion to all that preceded. Although much remains a mystery, it is quite clear that nothing will be the same after the events of Avengers: Endgame ended.

Presale tickets are available now for anyone who wants to go see the movie on the opening weekend. They are selling at record rates, and theaters across the country are adding more and more movie hours as needed. That said, if you do not already have tickets for the first night, do not wait, because the discs will be broken and you do not want to be that fan left in the cold trying desperately to avoid the spoilers . Avengers: Endgame due out on April 26. Do not miss the new TV spot on Marvel Entertainment's YouTube channel.


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