Ezra Miller to Help Rewrite The Flash Movie in Bid to Save Role

The Flash movie was only a nuisance for Warner Bros. One director after the other having left the project. Now, Ezra Miller risks losing the role he played for the first time in Batman V Superman followed by a more substantial appearance in the Justice League . In an ultimate race to save himself from the ax, Miller will now co-write a new screenplay with the comic book legend Grant Morrison.

Ezra Miller decided to take a hands-on approach to ensuring big screen success. with his independent film The Flash . We just said yesterday that The Flash was preparing for a shoot in November. But, in all likelihood, the cameras will not be used until one day or the other in 2020.

The new Mller scenario project will be an option that will determine if the actor remains or not with the DCEU, which has undergone a major upheaval since the Justice League, made its debut in cinemas in 2017. The new scenario is the result of new creative differences behind the scenes, which are a constant problem in this particular adventure of DC. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are the current writers and directors of the film under development. Their approach is light and fun. They recently collaborated on the Spider-Man: Homecoming script and Jason Bateman's comedy thriller Game Night . Since January 2018, they are working on the Flash movie. Warner Bros. is currently in favor of their vision because Aquaman was lighter and won more than a billion recipes even Christopher Nolan's trilogy The Dark Knight . And the approach seems to have worked for Shazam who announces himself as another great success.

Ezra Miller, meanwhile, wants to make it very dark with Barry Allen. Both parties have been trying to compromise since last year. Now, Miller is going to write the movie himself. Warner Bros. officially hired Miller and Morrison to get their share. This is a rare gesture, when an actor writes the screenplay, but Ezra Miller says that he is deeply attached to the role.

Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison may have their screenplay in the studio next week. But there seems to be a ton riding on this thing. If Warner Bros. throws his script to the trash after reading, we think that Miller will be removed from the project. According to a source close to production, MIller's contract with Barry Allen will expire in May. The race is launched to obtain this information.

Even though Ezra Miller did not do well with The Flash he is still present at Warner Bros., and already has a second franchise to his credit in the role of Credence Barebone in the series derived from Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts who is preparing to turn the third chapter this year. Can Ezra Miller back up his Flash role? This is going to have to be a hell of a script. This news comes quickly from The Hollywood Reporter.


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