Fallen Order Game Is Getting a Prequel Comic from Marvel

A galaxy far, far away, is about to become a little larger. Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order contains not only a canon story, but in addition, we announced that Marvel Comics releases a series of pre-linked comics, Jedi from Star Wars: Fallen Order – Dark Temple . The series of five issues of Star Wars is expected to debut this fall.

According to Lucasfilm's announcement, the book will be written by Matthew Rosenberg ( Uncanny X-Men ). art by Paolo Villanelli ( Vader: Dark Visions ). The first issue is scheduled for release in September and will focus on Cere Junda, a major character in Respawn Entertainment's upcoming video game, Star Wars. Rosenberg said this about the project in a statement.

"Working on the Jedi comic book: Fallen Order has been a great experience, and Respawn and Lucasfilm are not only creating one of the most exciting video games long ago, but they also tell an epic story of Star Wars: having the chance to introduce some actors to the audience and to explore a little who they are and how they got there is really fun.Cere Junda and Eno Cordova form a Jedi couple on which the fans will want to know more, and this comic will tell you a part of their story that you will not go anywhere else. "

Jedi Star Wars: Order Fallen – Black Temple is centered on the Jedi Master Eno Cordova and his impulsive Padawan Cere Junda. History sees them on a seemingly simple mission that is moving towards something much more dangerous. The Jedi Council sends the duo to a distant planet named Ontotho to oversee the excavations of a mysterious temple. Ontotho is the host of local resistance dueling forces and ruthless security troops who are engaged in a war for the planet's fate, with the Jedi at the center of the stage. Paolo Villanelli had this to say.

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"What's more fun than working on Well, the answer is working on a new Star Wars book exploring a whole new part of the franchise." as a video game lover, I was very excited to be part of the new Fallen Order game and as an artist I was excited to explore it and create some for the band. In addition to our heroes Cere and Eno, we will have the opportunity to show new planets, villains and good old lightsaber. "

Marvel and Lucasfilm also revealed the cover of first issue, which we have included below. Although the game itself does not require that fans read the comic to understand the story told, it is said that the book "will enrich the experience". Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is expected to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 15th. Do not miss the cover of Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order – Dark Temple # 1 below. StarWars.com has released this news for the first time.  Jedi Star Wars: A Prerequisite of the Cartoon Fallen Order


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