Family Guy Got Censored for Its Own Made-Up Curse Word Popularized by Urban Dictionary

Family Guy was censured for using his own word of curse that he coined. The series has been going on for 21 years now and a word from the fourth season has returned to haunt them. While the censors have become a little more relaxed over the years when it comes to network TV, there are still some pretty specific decisions being made today. During the fourth season of Fox Family Guy they were told that they could not use the word "vagina".

In order to circumvent the use of the vagina, the longtime writer Family Guy Chris Sheridan decided that they should just find their own word. At the time, they chose the "clemen" and it worked as a humorous commentary on censorship, while also being minor at the same time. However, now that the word has been around for a while, people know about it because it was popularized by Urban Dictionary. Sheridan had this to say.

"[ Family Guy ] has been long enough for us to do a little bit once we had the word & # 39; vagina & # 39; in one episode. They said, "You can't say the vagina on the air." So we changed the word and we just found our own word and called it "clemen". We just swapped "vagina" with "clemen," and it was like, "Oh, let's just say that. No problem."

And then several years later, we made a joke, and we use the word "Clemen", and they say, "Well, you can't say that." And we say to ourselves: "What do you mean by that we cannot say it?" "Well no, it means vagina." I thought to myself, "I know! We invented it." But it made its way into the urban dictionary, and then we couldn't say. I was like, "I think this is completely unfair". So when a show goes on that long, it's just crazy. "

Once a word appears on Urban Dictionary, it's almost everywhere. You can easily go to the site and see that it was first cataloged times in 2006 by Rhett Bojangles. It includes the definition: "The new hot curse word that is sweeping the nation: Clemen", as well as some hashtags calling it a false curse word. That being said, there has been quite a few updates to the Urban Dictionary over the years since, which could explain why the word was censored from Family Guy .

note that the number one definition of "clemen" is directly attributed to Family Guy in Urban Dictionary. The rest are incredibly NSFW and there are a few others that refer to the long animated TV series, which makes things even stranger , it is the fact that Family Guy seems to have run away with much worse things over the years than a word of curse coined. Perhaps they can bring the word back when Seth McMacFarlane prepares to make the film Family Guy .

It's hard to believe that Family Guy has been around for so long now. When the series was first presented, there were many people who compared it to The Simpsons which is still happening today, but to a lesser extent. When it debuted in January 1999, there was probably no one around us thinking that we would still be talking about the series 21 years later or its invented curse. But there we are. The interview with Chris Sheridan was originally conducted by CinemaBlend.

 Kevin Burwick at Movieweb


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