Far from Home Honest Trailers Commentary Goes Deep with Tony Revolori

The Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home was published on Tuesday and As usual, the creators took the time to share comments and deleted scenes, as well as to answer some questions from the viewers.

Tony Revolori, their friend, was the man behind Flash Thompson. The actor has brought with him a ton of anecdotes, discussions on deleted footage and an explanation of how the story of his character has developed on a whim.


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The group tackles a ton of topics in the one hour video including villains that they hope appear in the MCU as Vincent's Kingpin Onofrio, the director John Watts showing "excerpts on Daria clips", as a reference for Zendaya MJ, Jacob Batalon (Ned), who hopes to see his scenes on Ned's plane as a Hobgoblin, their pity for Brad to have a crush on the same girl as Peter, the possibilities of Norman Osbourne in the subsequent films and their mutual hope of a return of Sam Rockwell / Justin Hammer in the MCU.

The actor also had some fun facts behind the scenes to share on the Honest Tra iler mentions. For example, the moment Peter left his glasses in the bar was actually a longer sequence of Mysterio taking him in his arms and preparing the discovery. According to Revolori, there was a ton of extra drama and laughter that was shortened, including scenes of characters "returned" to random places. His pitch for Flash? "I did everything for him to come back on the toilet."

When the crew of Honest Trailers commented on Martin Starr and JB Smooth as being the perfect characters of the 90s sitcom, Revolori revealed that there had been so many sequences of theirs view of the main plot and the conflict was like his own movie.

"The witch's case went much further … He continued to blame Mr. Harrington, claiming that his wife was a witch and that she cursed him and that's why all these things are following him … finally at the end, when the big monsters are here, [he said] "You have to sacrifice yourself to the monster so we can be safe," and there's just Martin going & # 39; Take me! "

Many can change by posting." For much of the film, Revolori thought his character would take a black eye because "Spider-Man is so powerful that even a simple touch gives an eye to the black butter. "It seems that the visual effects team did not think the gag was worth it, but they helped develop Flash Thompson in a way that was not originally written. When asked what his contribution was to the background of his character, Revolori said about his idea of ​​Thompson's last shot at the airport.

"I was having a drink with actors and John, the director [Etjemedemandais”Etsisesparentsnevenaienttoutsimplementpasetqu'ilsedisait:”Mamèrenepourrait-ellepasvenir?”JeplaisantaisàcesujetLelendemainmatin[John] arrives and looks like "We are going to make a catch where he is your father and then a catch where he is not." And then we made the other take and he said: "Nope, this is not your father, it's so funny."

It started as Revolori, just trying to understand what would be the "funniest version" of this scene. and finally brought them retroactively treats throughout the movie, such as Flash's SMS trying to contact his parents and failing. Now, Revolori does not care about the number of theories and speculations that gagging has spawned when in reality it was just "something [he] thought was a fun joke and add to the character." "

You can check in the honest commentary of the trailer on the Youtube channel Screen Junkies


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