Far from Home Lego Sets Confirm Villain Rumors & Stark Jet Action?

Three Spider-Man: Away from Home LEGO Sets Confirm Rumors of villains and Stark Jet action? confirm the arrival of the elementals. The trailers of the sequel did not hesitate to show part of the action and two of these villains were briefly shown in the promotional material, although their names were never revealed. However, thanks to these LEGO sets, we could have the official names. In addition, another set triggers a pretty epic battle on a Stark jet with drones trying to shoot it, which may or may not be under Mysterio's control.

The first two LEGO sets are named. Molten Man Battle and Hydro-Man Attack, respectively. These two villains are elementals of the comics and both were teased in the caravans, although their identity has never been confirmed. As everything is organized, Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio joins Peter Parker to defeat the Elementals. This is the first time we see an alleged official marketing bearing these names. The Hydro-Man set includes a mini-MJ figure, as well as Mysterio and Peter Parker.

Mysterio is a villain himself and his true colors will be revealed more than ever at the end of Spider-Man. : Far from home . It is quite possible that Mysterio used his powers to create illusions of Hydro-Man and Molten Man in order to deceive Peter Parker. As is the case for all the rest, Marvel Studios has a hand in hand, we will not know until the release of the film this summer. We still do not know how Peter Parker returns from the decimation of Infinity War which will be explained when Avengers: Endgame will be released in April.

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The Third of Spider -Man: far from home The LEGO sets present a Stark throw with a pretty crazy battle going on. This set includes mini-characters from Mysterio, Nick Fury, Happy Hogan and Spider-Man. The Mysterio figurine is seen on the same side as our heroes, but Fury could aim his blaster. Again, we do not know how Mysterio will end up on the big screen, but it's impossible that the longtime villain Spider-Man is on the bright side when it should.

As with all LEGO sets published in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, these elements may not be completely accurate. Spider-Man: Away from Home is still in a few months, so hopefully better understand what's going on in the next trailer. You can consult the three new toy games below and judge for yourself whether the Elementals will be the main antagonists of Spider-Man: Far From Home . The images come to us from Brickset's Twitter account.

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