Feldman Says Netflix Is Too Scared to Show His Finished Documentary, Needs Distributor

Corey Feldman completed his documentary The True: The Rape of 2 Coreys . However, he has trouble finding someone to distribute it. Netflix would also be too "afraid" to show it, according to Feldman. The actor has been campaigning for the rights of the child in Hollywood for much of his career and has threatened to discover a huge Hollywood pedophile network for years. Now he says that he has planned everything, but that he needs help to get him released.

When the #MeToo movement began to win Corey Feldman was already telling such stories for years. After all these accusations against powerful men in Hollywood, many people realized that Feldman was right about it all. This led Feldman to dark moments while he was preparing to name names about his own attacker and that of the late Corey Haim. Feldman had this to say when he was asked to finally publish the documentary entitled Truth: The Rape of Two Hearts .

"I had to do it because I'm making a documentary that is the most An important job I've ever done, namely the chronicle of abuse, sexual abuse … on children of the industry. "

In a new interview, Corey Feldman spoke about the personal assistant of his father, Cloyed John Grislim. . Grislim reportedly gave Feldman "all the drugs" and assaulted him. Grislim would make the young actor wince at the drug and then sexually abuse him. As for Corey Haim, he told Feldman who was his attacker and that he was very powerful in the industry. "This person is still powerful and stays in this industry and is always present, and must be exposed," said Feldman. When pushed on the man in question, Feldman would not go further. He then explains why he will not name the accuser and why the documentation is necessary to ensure his own safety.

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The aggressor of Corey Haim is apparently still a very famous person in the entertainment industry. Corey Feldman would not reveal this person's area of ​​activity for fear of his own life. He says that Truth: the rape of two hearts reveals the name and has all the evidence to confirm it, but the film must be published first for all evidence to be presented. That would help Feldman, at least according to him. "I'm doing it so that Corey can finally stay in peace," Feldman said.

Corey Feldman also stated that the documentary of "Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys" had been closed several times. in time by "culprits" who do not want their covers to be destroyed. Whatever the case may be, Feldman is ready to go ahead and continue to advocate for the interests of children in the entertainment industry. Feldman helped amend the Child Victims Act in New York, which came in last year. This is one of the reasons why R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein have been indicted in the state of New York. The interview of Corey Feldman was provided by the YouTube channel The Jim and Sam Show.


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