First 3 from Hell Clip Has Captain Spaulding on Death Row

Before the theatrical event of next week 3 to Hell the film is out with Sid Haig in the center. As Captain Spaulding, Haig takes up the role he previously described in previous films by director Rob Zombie The House of the 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects . Due to his numerous murders committed with members of his sadistic family, Spaulding turns out to be now on death row, about to be executed by the state. The captain is more vulnerable than he has ever been because he is chained with chains and yet, Spaulding is still as terrifying as it always has been.

In the clip, a journalist attends with Captain Spaulding in an attempt to dive. in the spirit of the psychopathic killer. "You've been dressed as a clown, but behind this colorful facade of joy is hiding something much darker," says the man at Spaulding. "Who is the real Spaulding captain?" he adds. This sends the murderous fool into a verbal tirade against the journalist, with Spaulding stating, "I'm only a clown who dances for the f * cking man!" Curiously, he continues with a macabre joke about the difference between a dead squirrel on the road and a dead clown on the road. Of course, the difference is that there are skid marks in front of the squirrel. You can watch the clip below below.

About: Rob 3 of Hell 3 of Hell Comes To Theaters In September

Unfortunately, Sid Haig's health appears to be in danger, with the actor having recently been transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit as a result of a accident. The details of the extent of his injuries are unclear, but Haig's wife asked prayers from Haig's fans. Since then, there has been no update on Haig's current situation, but fans and colleagues of the actor certainly hope that everything will be fine. The horror community has shown considerable support since the announcement of this news, which shows how much Haig is worshiped as a favorite fan of the genre.

As the third installment of a trilogy, 3 of Hell Continues the events of the house of the 1000 corpses and discharges of the devil . They also reprise their roles for the film Sheri Moon Zombie in the role of baby and Bill Moseley in the role of Otis to complete the Firefly clan. Although it seems that the trio died in a burst of gunfire during a shootout with the police at the end of the previous film, 3 of Hell ] reveals that they have in fact survived and are now facing the legal consequences of their crimes. Of course, there are simply no fireflies, and they end up freeing themselves to continue their terrible series of mass murders.

3 of Hell will be screened in a selection of theaters from 16 to 18 September, courtesy of Fathom Events. Each of the three nights will include its own special attractions, such as exclusive sequences and limited edition posters. Needless to say, for all the fans of Haig and Zombie, the first of Hell is an event not to be missed. The Haig in 3 video of Hell comes from ScreenRant on YouTube.


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