First Look at Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame

The Last Avengers: Endgame The trailer brings [CaptainMarvel greatest wonder Cinematic Universe fold. The titular hero of Brie Larson made her solo debut in cinemas last weekend and it looks like she's about to lead the box office for a second weekend away. When the time comes for Marvel's last epic crossover next month, many moviegoers will meet Carol Danvers and look forward to seeing her team up with her fellow heroes. And that's exactly what we find in these new images.

Marvel surprised us all with the release of this latest trailer, which surprisingly does not reveal much of the film. This is all the more surprising since the last trailer will probably be presented before its release in theaters. But they still have some surprises, including the introduction of Captain Marvel at the very end. In the piece in question, Chris Hemsworth's Thor stares at Carol Danvers of Brie Larson, who is not in costume and seems to be getting closer to his new friends. Thor reaches out for his new weapon with which he almost killed Thanos (she should have aimed at the head, man) and she falls right into her powerful hand, like the hammer Mjolnir. Carol stays cool all the time and craves the slightest smile, which Thor says, "I love this one."

This is important because, as all who have seen the war of infinity ] surely knows that the arrival of Captain Marvel was teased. Nick Fury paged the powerful hero in his last moments before being dusted off on the post-credit scene. Since Captain Marvel took place in the 90's, it's really the first one we've seen from her since Thanos' mortal blow. At least in a caravan.

Bound: Captain Marvel flies for a box office record with a record $ 455 million worldwide

Warning: fouls of success before . The post-credit scene in Captain Marvel (which is actually a small excerpt from { Avengers: Endgame ), sees Captain America, Black Widow and the gang watching the number of dead increase the consequences of the stroke of finger. They also got their hands on Nick Fury's pager and they try to figure out what he's doing. Moments later, Carol arrives and, looking very worried, asks her "Where is Fury?" Once she finds out that her best friend on Earth has been turned into a pile of ashes, she will surely not be very happy and Thanos will have to deal with her, in addition to all the people who stay.

So, technically, those who saw Captain Marvel have already had a first glimpse of her with the team, but that is for all purposes practices the first look at fulfilling Nick's promise The page of fury for the masses. Whatever the case may be, it is just one of the many things we should expect next month, as there are still many issues to be resolved. Marvel Prepares to Release The Avengers: End of Part April 26.

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