Four Weddings and a Funeral Reunion Planned for Red Nose Day

An Official Representative Marriages and Funerals Later. Screenwriter Richard Curtis, as well as the majority of actors in the classic romantic comedy, have come together to create a new short film for Red Nose Day 2019, which will air in the UK and US as part of the programming from the Serie. charity event. The main creative team behind the 1994 classic, in front of and behind the camera, is on board.

The new short, entitled A Red-nosed Day and a Marriage is currently in production and is directed by Mike Newell, who also directed Four Weddings and a burial . Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hannah John, Rowan Atkinson, James Fleet, David Haig, Sophie Thompson, David Bower, Robin McCaffrey, Anna Chancellor, Anna Chancellor, Rupert Vansittart, Simon Kunz, Sara Crowe and Timothy Walker are all three put in the honor in the new short film, which will resume 25 years after the original. Richard Curtis wrote the script for the new short film. Here is what he had to say about it.

“We’re all definitely older, I do not think I’m wiser, it’s really nice to understand what happened to all the characters, and now they’re coming back for the fifth time.” wedding. Where, as usual, everything will not go as planned. “

Four Marriages and a Funeral remains one of the most successful and popular romantic comedies of all time.The film won two nominations for Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, was also a huge box office success.Created for a budget of less than $ 5 million, the film grossed $ 245 million worldwide. It is also the film that made Hugh Grant famous, who would later play in other successful romantic movies like Notting Hill .While his star power has somewhat diminished, Grant played in the Paddington 2 .

Richard Curtis founded the Red-nosed Day and, since its inception, it has further raised $ 900 million, a sum that has supported charities in the UK and around the world The United States adopted Red Nose Day in 2015 with the specific goal of ending child poverty. These efforts have raised $ 150 million to date. Curtis had previously reunited the cast of another of his classics, Love Actually for a special Red Nose Day show in 2017 entitled Red Nose Day Actually .

. One Red Nose Day and a wedding will be presented for the first time on BBC One exclusively on March 15, 2019, as part of the celebration of their Red Nose Day. The short film will be broadcast later in the United States on NBC in May as part of the network programming for Red Nose Day 2019. We should expect to see a trailer for Four Weddings and One burial reunited before his debut. We will make sure this is your way as soon as it is available. For more information on charity events next year, visit the Red Nose Day website.


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