Frank Oz Returns as Yoda for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Frank Oz Visits Yoda for Star Wars: The Galaxy's Edge . Oz is famous for making his voice heard on Yoda for 2017 The Last Jedi a revelation that shocked the audience. Now, Star Wars fans will have the chance to get tips from Yoda as they walk through the new addition to Disney Theme Park, which opens at Disneyland on May 31 and later in August for Florida Theme Park. . Star Wars Celebration gave us a better understanding of what to expect when the new area opens.

Super franchise fan Josh Gad animated the Star Wars panel: Galaxy's Edge at Celebration, where Frank Oz's short story was announced with an enthusiastic response from the crowd and Gad. It was revealed that the iconic Yoda would be around the park, which is great news, especially with the return of Oz. The former Jedi will give visitors a glimpse of the afterlife, which will add a nostalgic note to the new theme park space.

Unfortunately, the Rise of the Resistance race will not start when Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge opens. Instead, it will open a few months later, which is a wise decision for the considerable volume of pedestrian traffic that the new park area will receive when it opens next month. That being said, Star Wars : Celebration revealed that the car ride would be even more of an experience than it was originally thought and that it should be done. A long journey, not only two minutes. Park visitors will have to escape from a Star Destroyer filled with Stormtroopers and AT-AT.

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The Millenium Falcon Run, Smugglers Run, will debut when Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge opens and it was revealed that it would act as an interactive experience with car park enthusiasts who will have collaborate with each other to effectively drive the old bucket of bolts. Each person will be assigned specific work to ensure that everything goes well, which seems to be a pretty interesting idea and contributes to the immersive goal of the new park area. In addition to Yoda, Star Wars fans will be entitled to another familiar voice, though it's not as well known to all.

Paul Reubens is back for the RX-24 voice, aka Rex, from the original tour of Star Tours. Reubens has revived the character, but this time there is a DJ who aims to give everyone a fun experience while he visits the new addition to the park. Rex was not the best driver, so being a DJ is probably a better job for him. Customers will also be introduced to Dok-Ondar, the Ithorianalian "hammer", which will offer you to take your money when you exchange goods with him. Visitors to the park will be able to communicate with him and there will be Star Wars Easter eggs hidden in his lair of antiquities. This information comes from Entertainment Weekly.


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