Galaxy’s Edge Rise of the Resistance Dates Announced for Disneyland & Disney World

Disney announced the upcoming opening of the Rise of the Resistance tour of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The new addition has been open since May in the Anaheim amusement park, but the Rise of the Resistance race will not be longer. The theme field Star Wars will open at Orlando Park later this summer and will also open without the latest attraction. Some fans were upset to learn that new additions to the park were incomplete, while others saw it as an additional excuse to drive to Disneyland.

Rise of the Resistance will open at Orlando Park in December. 5th, which is also the day of the birth of Walt Disney in 1901. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Anaheim will not be entitled to this new attraction until January 17, 2020. "As soon as the work begins completed at Walt Disney World, the Imagineers will return to California to carry out their mission at Disneyland Resort," says a press release. Since Galaxy's Edge is still under construction, it makes sense that they finish in the first place Rise of the Resistance.

It was originally thought that Disneyland would have reached Rise of the Resistance by the end of the year since Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened first. January 2020 is pretty far from the smooth opening of the park in May and some fans will probably be more than upset by this delay. That said, the ride seems to be a lot of fun and is worth the wait. You will find a description of the press release below.

"When it opens its doors, Star Wars: The Resistance will erase the boundaries between fantasy and reality and put the guests at the heart of a decisive battle between the first order and the resistance Guests will be recruited to join Rey and General Organa in a secret base before being captured by a first-class star destroyer.With the help of some heroes of resistance, they must escape Star Destroyer, protect the Secret base and stay one step ahead of Kylo Ren. "

The guests of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge are already receiving clues about their rise to power. The resistance will have to offer with Kylo Ren and the First Order tracking the grounds in search of recruits and the Resistance doing the same. Until now, Disney has done a good job in making the new park area as immersive as possible and will not improve until Rise of the Resistance is finally up and running. For now, fans can travel to Anaheim Park to get an idea before it becomes fully operational in January.

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As for the expectation of rising resistance, it was thought originally that it might contain spoilers for JJ The next sequel to Abrams in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker . However, with the release date of December 5 for Orlando Park and the release of the film on December 20, this is not the case. Instead, it seems that there were problems behind the scenes during the initial development phase. The Disney Parks blog was the first to announce the news of rising resistance.



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