Garden Party Massacre Trailer Turns a Backyard Bash Into a Madcap Bloodbath

Try your Sunday and get ready to join your friends for a picturesque evening in the park. It will be a massacre of the Garden Party ! Do you have the courage to attend this quaint meeting? Or will it make you fall apart? Today, we have the first posters and trailers of of the Garden Party Massacre as well as exciting new news.

Approved visions approved comedy, meets slasher spoof The Garden Party Massacre will be released on the market on March 12, 2019 via SGL Entertainment. It’s the second film of award-winning writer and director Gregory Blair. It is also the second collaboration with SGL Entertainment, the slow-burning psychological thriller is mortal .

With bursts of laughter splattering everywhere, . Massacre is a wacky and zany parody in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale Vs. Mal. The fun begins when a friendly rally in the back yard settles hilariously when an unexpected guest arrives. With a pickaxe. And an attitude. It’s a crazy mix of murder, cheerfulness and chaos that critics have called “hilarious!” “Brilliant!”

The film has won more than a dozen awards on the festival circuit and featured on several Top Ten lists to date. The awards include: “Best Feature Film” (FANtastic Horror Film Festival), “Exceptional” Horror Comedy “(Zed Fest Film Festival),” Best Film “(Lucky Strike Film Festival),” Outstanding Horror / Comedy Feature “(Academy of Los Angeles Films),” Best Feature Film Narrative: Comedy “(Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Award) and” Best Comedy “(Film Festival of Artists and Aliens) .The rewards continue to to win!

The Garden Party Massacre also won five “Best Ensemble” awards and several other honors for his casting, including Andy Gates ( Grimm ), Nichole Bagby ( On The Rocks ), Lise Hart ( Deadly Revisions ), Gregory Blair ( Escape The Night ), Dawna Lee Heising ( Revenge of Samurai Cop ), Matt Weinglass ( Jimmy Kimmel Live! ) and David Leeper.

The Garden Party Massacre is a film produced PIX / SEE Productions to be published. only on Blu-ray and DVD for a limited time. Then the movie will be available on the following streaming platforms: Comcast, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, etc.

The trailer comes directly from Gregory Blair himself. Enter and join what will be the feast of the year 2019. The party will be bloody. So you better put a new pair of underwear in the trunk of your car. There will be plenty of cakes and Kool-Aid, and we can not find a better way to close your Spring Break activities with Garden Party Massacre . It may not be the best movie to arrive in 2019. But it may be the most fun you’ve ever had on a freshly cut lawn. As they say, some people are just the death of the party.

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