George Romero’s The Living Dead Book Has Been Finished & Arrives in 2020

Unfortunately, we lost the legend of the horror George A. Romero two years ago. The man behind classics like Night of the Living Dead, who gave birth to the zombie genre as we know it, had many projects in the works that, unfortunately, were not completed before his death. But one of these projects is over. The Living Dead, a novel that takes place in the same universe as his "Living Dead" movie series, is completed and will be released next year.

Daniel Krauss, author of The form of water [1]. and Trollhunters was commissioned to complete the unfinished novel following the death of George A. Romero, with the blessing of his wife and property. Kraus recently consulted Twitter to reveal that he had indeed finished The Living Dead which will be released soon on the shelves with the permission of Tor Books. Here is what he said about it.

"I have shot The Living Dead, the massive epic of zombies that I've co-written with George A. Romero." While I was writing, I was wearing the George's scarf, a gift from his wife. (June 2020 from Tor Books) "

The tweet was shared with an image of Daniel Kraus wearing the headscarf in question. As for the novel, it will be quite different from his Living Dead films. Although George A. Romero was highly respected by horror-lovers and filmmakers, he never had huge budgets for making his films, which resulted in some restrictions. As Kraus has previously explained in an interview, this book has a huge scope and will allow things that would never have been possible in Romero's films, given the financial constraints.

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"What's exciting in the novel, though, is the way it's going in the opposite direction.It's huge.It's a story on a grand scale, a real epic, a kind of epic never given the budget for the movie. "In a book, of course, there is no budget, and in his pages, one can feel his joy at finally being able to do whatever he wants. "

The Living Dead is divided over three different periods and takes place in three different places; A trailer park, a nuclear submarine and a bunker in Washington DC Kraul, meanwhile, Daniel Kraus, said in the past that George A. Romero was the reason he was a writer and was interested in l & # 39; s. Kraus was chosen by Romero's director, Chris Roe, and his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, to complete the novel on which the legend had been working for more than a decade.

This is only one of the many George A Romero projects in the process of completion after his death. The filmmaker has left behind many scenarios that will likely be produced and it has recently been announced that an official sequel to Night of the Living Dead was also taking place. Take a look at the announcement below on Daniel Kraus's Twitter account.


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