Ghostbusters Reboot Director Paul Feig Still Wants to Make a Sequel

While he seems to recognize that the odds are slim, Paul Feig says he would jump at the chance of make his own Ghostbusters continued if ever given the opportunity. Of course, Feig is known to have directed the restart of 2016, which has no connection with the original films . Ghostbusters by director Ivan Reitman. Because the reception of the film and its box office performances were below the studio's expectations, Sony brought the franchise back to the drawing board and finally decided to review the original calendar for Ghostbusters 2020.

Yet in a recent conversation, Paul Feig confesses that he would gladly develop a sequel to his restart if the call did so. Here's what Feig said when he was asked if he would ever make a sequel to any of his movies.

"I would actually make another Ghostbusters if anyone ever wanted it because I loved this world." I was like a kid in a candy store. "

Despite his optimism, Feig also admits that his vision of a Ghostbusters 2 is" probably not "ever to happen. As for whether Sony made the right choice to end the Ghostbusters scenario in order to revisit the original films for the next episode, Feig says the time will have to be settled. If Ghostbusters 2020 ends up a resounding success and far surpasses the 2016 film, Feig will admit that attempting to reboot the franchise could have been a mistake, even though he will remain forever. proud of the project. Excerpt from the interview:

"I mean, we'll see when Jason's movie comes out, if it goes through the roof, I'll say," Sure, I guess I've made an error rebooting. & # 39; But I will never excuse myself because I am very proud of the film. "

The franchise Ghostbusters began with the release of the original film in 1984 It was directed by Ivan Reitman using the scenarios Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Sure, Akyroyd and Ramis also starred in the movie alongside Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson as the ghost-hunting team, all of whom resumed their roles in the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II, also directed by Reitman with a screenplay by Aykroyd and Ramis Although the actors later lend their voice to a sequel to a video game, a third film Ghostbusters starring the original crew never went into production, Sony opting for a total reboot instead 2016.

If you were on the Internet there at three, you are certain aware of the backlash generated by the restart of Ghostbusters . While Aykroyd, Murray, and Hudson all appeared in special cameo roles as new characters, the film focused on a new team led by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. When the trailer went online, she set the record for YouTube's most beloved trailer, fans avoiding it en masse before it even hit the floor. Still, for what it's worth, the movie was not a total failure because it was technically profitable, even if it was not to the extent hoped by the studio director.

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Jason Reitman Ghostbusters 2020 will premiere in cinemas on July 10, 2020. As Feig suggests It will be interesting to see how the film will perform at the box office, especially in relation to the performance of the film from 2016. You can read the rest of Feig's interview in The Guardian.


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