Glass Will Use Unseen Deleted Footage from Unbreakable

When Unbreakable landed on the way to DVD in 2000, it was Deported on the special features, and there were no deleted scenes for fans to pay. We will finally be able to see what's left on the floor of the cutting room, and we have to wonder if it was the director's plan Mr. Night Shyamalan, as he reuses unpublished footage of his classic superhero for this film. new thriller action Glass .

Mr. Night Shyamalan spent the early years of adolescence in the director's prison after a series of big budget bombs failed the public. But he officially put his career back on track with the 2016 shocker Split which contained one of the ends of Shyamalan's signature. Only this time, the end is directly related to his film Unbreakable reporting Bruce Willis under the name of David Dunn. Now, Glass will serve as the third chapter of this saga of superpowered human beings

Mr. Night Shyamalan was recently questioned about his impending sequel to both Unbreakable and of Split . And he revealed that he had a very interesting way of linking those favorites to the fans. This includes the use of old movies that he apparently had hidden from the world.

"I do not want to say too much, but you see moments of the original Unbreakable … scenes that you could not see. "

There was some confusion about the timing between the three films. Mr. Night Shyamalan officially clarified these issues, offering the definitive timeline of his epic trilogy. Glass takes place 16 years after David Dunn discovered for the first time that he was a real Superman endowed with incredible strength. But it was only about two or three weeks ago that the events of Split triggered the beast incarnated by David McAvoy.

Posters reveal unbreakable heroes and divided personalities

It is assumed that some unused images Unbreakable will be used to fill the gap between the first and third installments. Much of Unbreakable was the relationship between David Dunn and his son Joseph. It is confirmed that Spencer Treat Clark was taking over his role of Joseph, so some of these relationships will still be topical when it will be time to tell the story in Glass to find.

Spencer Treat Clark aged in real time for the sequel, Shyamalan comparing the character to what Richard Linklater did with his drama of maturity Boyhood . Everyone will have the chance to experience the magic when Glass will be released in a few weeks and will arrive on January 18th.

On January 12, the popular Alamo Drafthouse will hold their Shyamalanathon, a triple feature that brings Unbreakable and and . gathered on one screen for a great night of entertainment. Tickets are free, first come, first served, but you must buy a $ 5 food voucher if you want to attend. Shyamalan will also hold a Q & A session that will be broadcast simultaneously to participating Drafthouse theaters across the country. All this news comes directly from Fandago.


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