Glenn Danzig’s Verotika Is Coming to VOD for Halloween, First Poster Unveiled

The film by Glenn Danzig Verotika is coming soon to your television screen. The unintentionally hilarious movie will also come to some theaters in the coming weeks, thanks to Fathom entertainment. Danzig's directorial debut was compared to Tommy WIseau's The Room and was the subject of much laughter during his premiere at Cinepocalypse in Chicago, who took the rocker by surprise . At the time of the initial projection, it was not clear exactly where Verotika would end, but we now know that the VOD channel will be affected on Halloween.

Cleopatra Entertainment publishes the directorial debut of Glenn Danzig Verotika on VOD and aims to publish a Blu-ray edition before the end of the year. year. Fathom has announced that it will hold special screenings of Danzig's attempt to make an anthology of horror in San Francisco, New York, Austin and other major cities. The first on the west coast will take place on June 25 at the Montalban Theater in Los Angeles. According to previous comments and reactions, Verotika could continue to be a cult classic, much like The Room, so it would be wise to see it in theaters, if possible.

One of the first articles of Verotika says that "(that is) is funny at a level that most comedies can not realize ", which really says something. The public thought that Glenn Danzig may have deliberately complicated the situation, but this is not really the case, as he pointed out during the question-and-answer session that followed the first. "You laughed in some places that I would not have had, but it's cool," said Danzig when he entered the scene. It must be difficult for someone like Danzig, who is not afraid to meet with the Misfits to buy cat litter.

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The Misfits meeting shows are almost complete and in addition to spreading the word to Verotika Glenn Danzig is preparing a new album "Elvis Presley" and "Spaghetti-Western Vampire", which could be as bad as his first foray into filmmaking. Although the critics of Verotika have been extremely negative, they still say that it is something to see, especially for fans of bad movies and Danzig. Who knows, his next film may win some prizes, even if that's not what worries Danzig at this point.

The good news about the Verotika [Veroška The output of the video on demand, it is that there is enough time to organize Halloween parties and prepare for screenings in homes all over North America. The film was written and directed by Glenn Danzig, who also composed the original score. The cast includes Rachel Alig, Alice Haig, Natlia Borowsky, Sean Kanan, Scotch Hopkins, Ashley Wisdom and Kayden Kross. While waiting for the release of Verotika on VOD, you can take a look at the first poster of the movie below, thanks to Cleopatra Entertainment.


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