Halloween 2 Finds Its Writer, Original Cast Returning But Not Director?

It seems that Blumhouse used Scott Teems to write his next book Halloween 2 ]. It is also thought that the original cast will be back when the cameras start spinning. Teems recently wrote adaptations of Stephen King's Firestarter and The Breathing Method for Blumhouse. Jamie Lee Curtis, previously questioned about the possibility of a sequel, claimed that she did not know what was going on, but that she would be involved if David Gordon Green was writing again. history.

It seems that David Gordon Green is not on board for Halloween 2 . According to sources, Scott Teems will take over, but Blumhouse has not yet officially commented on it. These same sources claim that Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak should all return. Nick Castle, the original actor of Mike Myers, has expressed the wish to come back, but that has not been confirmed yet. For the moment, it seems that there are important behind-the-scenes developments.

The last Halloween was a box office success, so it's obvious that Blumhouse wants it. continue with the franchise, although some hardcore horror fans are not happy with what they saw on the big screen. However, David Gordon Green was able to tap into the spirit of the original film, probably due to the presence of John Carpenter as executive producer. Green and Carpenter exchanged a lot of notes and Carpenter focused mainly on reworking the score, which he appreciated. ]

Speaking of John Carpenter, he also says that he would like to return for the sequel to Halloween . The composer / screenwriter / director is currently interrupting to work on the latest film and go on tour. However, when the time comes, he will be ready with his team to work on a new score. Carpenter worked with his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies. He says he and his team will meet again to gather their ideas. It will be interesting to see if he decides to spread a little more of the original. I hope that they are already trying new ideas for the future.

For the moment, it seems that the sequel Halloween is preparing for development. However, we are still far enough away from hearing about casting and release dates. In addition, this information comes from sources, which means that it could have come from any location. So we're going to throw it into the pile of rumors for now, at least until we hear from Blumhouse or anyone else involved in the project. . The only thing that is even officially official is the fact that John Carpenter wishes to return to compose the score of the sequel to Halloween . The new sequel to Halloween was reported for the first time by Collider.


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