Happy Death Day 3 in Development at Blumhouse?

A few years ago, Blumhouse and screenwriter-director Christopher Landon proved that a slasher movie of PG-13 could work with their movie of masked killer designed for teenagers Happy day of death . In fact, this teen movie was so popular that it resulted in a sequel earlier this year with the stupid follow-up entitled Happy Death Day 2U . And today, we learn that Blumhouse has begun to develop a third (and last?) Entry into the Teen Slasher series, Day of the Good Death 3 .

Truth be told, I'm not sure I'm excited for Happy Death Day 3 . I mean, make no mistake, I was ready to go around Happy Death Day 2U when he arrived earlier this year. But then this suite was way too stupid for my taste. In fact, I think it would be difficult to qualify horror comedy tracking because it seemed like a pure comedy for this guy. Boring. Whatever the case may be, I would say that I'm up for a third franchise film, provided that they re-pinch the horror / slasher aspects and minimize the silly foolishness of comedy teenager. But I'm probably not the target audience of the film, so what do I know?

For those who are unaware, the original The Happy Day of Death told the journey story in the time of a divine self. college student, named Tree Gelbman. On her birthday, Tree wakes up and finds that not only is she stalked by a hidden serial killer, but that she's stuck in a time loop. Now, she's going to be super-killed again and again until she discovers who the killer is. It's a hellish murderous premise, right ?! Hell, yeah. From there, The Happy Day of Death 2U is found with the good old "Tree" who wakes up with horror to learn that she is stuck in a parallel universe. Yes. But not only that, here in this alternate universe, it is not only Tree who is hunted by a masked murderer with a baby's face. Now, it is also his friends and comrades who are also at risk of being caught. It gets too complicated from there.

Both films starred Jessica Rothe as Theresa "Tree" Gelbman, with Israel Broussard in Carter Davis, Ruby Modine in Lori Spengler, and Rachel Matthews in Danielle Bouseman. Charles Aitken joined the cast, as well as Gregory Butler, with Rob Mello in John Tombs, Phi Vu in Ryan Phan and Caleb Spillyards in Tim Bauer. Jason Bayle completes the casting back with David Gelbman, Laura Clifton as Stephanie Butler, Tran Tran in Emily and Blaine Kern III as Nick Sims.

Both Happy Death Day . The Day of Death 2U was directed by Christopher Landon ( Paranormal Activity: The Marked Scouting Guide of the Zombie Apocalypse ) and produced by Jason Blum. Scott Lobdell wrote the first film while Landon wrote the sequel, and both films featured Bear McCreary's music and Toby Oliver's cinematography. Universal Pictures unleashed The day of happy death in a theater near you on October 13, 2017 and the day of happy death 2U on February 13, 2019. This story comes from We got this covered.

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