Harley Quinn to Return in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Reboot After All?

After claiming none of the original characters of the Suicide Squad would be back in the next reboot from James Gunn for DC, the story has changed. And now, it seems very likely that Margot Robbie will resume his role of Harley Quinn in this quasi-suite simply entitled The Suicide Squad .

Originally, James Gunn on Writing The Suicide Brigade After being fired from The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 from Disney for old jokes on Twitter not intended for the G rated crowd. Now he is in talks and pretty much stuck to direct the movie. When the news was announced that he had decided to take the helm, it was widely reported that the filmmaker was working with a new series of characters for what will be a complete redesign of the series. Although it was still expected that most players would be eliminated, some assumed that Margot Robbie and co-lead Will Smith would be back to some extent. The initial report stated, however, that this was not the case.

This same report has been revised and updated. Sources very close to DC Films and Warner Bros. claim that Margot Robbie returns to 100% to resume her role in Harley Quinn after completing the filming of Birds of Prey, currently in production, and that the famous actress plays the best half of Joker. . There is no word yet if Will Smith will be back as Deadshot. The rest of the cast will be filled with new actors in the franchise.

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] The Suicide Squad would have the unique tone and style of James Gunn, which prevailed in the movies The Guardians of the galaxy and made them so popular at the box office. Some speculate that the director might be allowed to do a real R-rated adventure in the DCEU, which has only happened since the long version of Batman V Superman in home video. Although, as often happens, DC and Warner Bros. could get cold and decided to keep this one in the realm of PG-13.

The news of Margot Robbie's return while Harley Quinn comes directly from Forbes, who updated their recent story on the state of DC Films. The Suicide Squad will come into production in early 2020. If that really does not work. We will have a double whammy of Harley Quinn's goodness, most of them calling it a shining spot in the [19939003] somewhat dismal Suicide Squad led by David Ayer. Birds of Prey (and One Harley Quinn's Fantastic Emancipation) will arrive in theaters just in time for Valentine's Day and will debut a week earlier, on February 7, 2020. James Gunn & The Suicide The Squad will be one of the largest summer capitals of 2021, striking the 6th of August.


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