Harrison Ford Honors Billy Dee Williams in Heartwarming Legacy Award Video

The American Black Film Festival has awarded Billy Dee Williams the Hollywood Legacy Award in February of this year. The iconic Star Wars actor finally aired Harrison Ford’s touching video message on the social networks of the series today, thus offering fans special treatment. Fans were delighted to learn that Williams had officially joined the cast of the upcoming film Star Wars 9 . We are all waiting to see some pictures of the man at the time. emblematic Lando Calrissian.

Harrison Ford spent almost a minute congratulating Billy Dee Williams and telling the pleasure of working together . The Empire counterattack and . The return of the Jedi . Images of the two actors gathered, on screen and off, frolicking with red carpet images are gathered in the tribute. Ford ends its tribute video by wishing they drag out longer, which hopefully has occurred since the video was recorded. This is an interesting video for fans of Star Wars as well as Ford tends to be a little hermit sometimes when it comes to everything that touch to the franchise.

Clearly, Billy Dee Williams is probably best known for his work in the universe of Star Wars but the actor had a great career before and after having fought alongside Han Solo. Over the years, Williams played in Brian’s Song Lady Sings the Blues Mahogany, Nighthawks and Batman by Tim Burton, Batman where he played the underutilized Harvey Dent. Many fans hoped that we would have the chance to see Williams under the Two-Face sign, but that never happened.

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Billy Dee Williams is 81 years old and begins his acting career at the 8 years old on Broadway in The Firebrand of Florence. He then returned to Broadway as an adult in the early 1960s for The Cool World and A Taste of Honey. By the time The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, Williams had been playing for 35 years, which explains the accessories Harrison Ford gave him to be an accomplished professional with a ton of ideas to expand Character of Lando Calrissian. Williams may be best known for playing Lando, but the man has done a lot of things over the years.

If all that was not enough, Billy Dee Williams also made a jazz record in 1961 standards and it was a commercial success. The reason he did not pursue his musical career is unclear, but Williams has been a busy year. Fortunately, we will all be able to see him again on the big screen under the name of Lando Calrissian when Star Wars 9 will be released in theaters next year. It’s been a long time and fans are excited to see him back on the Millennium Falcon hopefully. You can watch Harrison Ford’s tribute below, thanks to Billy Dee Williams’ Twitter account.


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