Heavy Metal Justice League Trailer Goes Full on Snyder Cut

The crowd of Snyder Cut is very dedicated to his cause. A fan with a little extra time has created a trailer for the original version of Justice League and fans are dying to see it become a reality. Zack Snyder, as well as the actors and the film crew have really stepped up their promotion of the cup, which has not yet received a release date. It remains to be seen if Warner Bros will actually give the green light, but it seems that something is preparing.

The The League of Justice Snyder That's what Warner Bros. should have done with the original trailer. He is dense in action and loses some foolishness and it really looks like Zack Snyder has assembled, especially since his tone is much darker. To help propel things even further, a cinematic remix of the classic Black Sabbath song "War Pigs" sounds in the background. This is really a good match for the material shown on the screen.

We are approaching the second anniversary of the Justice League . Zack Snyder left the project due to a family tragedy or was expelled, depending on what you think of the situation. Snyder left just before the restart and Joss Whedon took his place. However, the studio decided to try to redo the entire movie through a series of expensive covers. The end result was not what DC fans wanted to see and the movies were a critical financial failure. Since then, fans have been trying to convince Warner Bros. to publish the Snyder Cut.

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No one really knew if the Snyder Cut really existed. However, over the years, people began to come forward to announce that it was real and complete, as confirmed by Zack Snyder. Since then, fans of DC have rallied behind the director in order to bring the studio out of the original version of the film. Snyder continues to help fuel this movement by often being teased images of the film. Just last week, director Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher shared Snyder Cut images on social media.

All Justice League Snyder Cut Removed Stage photos shared last week have the same black-and-white aesthetic, suggesting that this was coordinated in one way or another, perhaps by Zack Snyder. It's hard not to think that something could happen behind the scenes, be it with the cast and the team, or even the studio alone. Enough time has passed and the studio could end up redeeming itself with the release of the original cut. Or, it could be as terrible as the final cut of the League of Justice which found itself in the theaters. We will just have to wait. The trailer made by fans of Snyder Cut was shared by John Aaron Garza's Twitter account.

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