Holmes and Watson Scores Rare 0% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Holmes & Watson currently have a 0% rating on rotten tomatoes. The comedy, which is the third project Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have joined, is burning under criticism and the public, although the film has a popularity rate of 16%, which is not very good either. The film debuted on Christmas Day and was underperforming at the box office, losing itself among some of the biggest titles like the recently released Aquaman Bumblebee and ]. The return of Poppins .

The new comic version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic stories about Sherlock Holmes is hotly criticized by critics. The New York Times states that the only way to take advantage of Holmes and Watson is to smuggle “alcoholic beverages”. That may be true, but much of Will Ferrell’s work receives fierce criticism and is hailed only later to be an underappreciated comedy gem. Plus, they serve alcohol in a lot of theaters, so you can say the same for a lot of movies that are currently on the big screen, and you do not really need to “smuggle” “.


The Hollywood Reporter was a little harder in his critique of Holmes and Watson calling it a “Christmas turkey” and stating that you can “feel the flop sweat” coming out of l & # 39; screen. This is not surprising since the comedy has not been projected in advance by critics, which usually means that the studio does not have much confidence in the project and it has rave reviews. Once again, this is how many of Will Ferrell’s films start in the theaters, even though it is being abused, even by Ferrell’s standards.

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Other critics say that scenes removed from Step Brothers have a gap length from the comedy of Holmes and Watson that is not necessarily a fair comparison. Others call the comedy a waste of talent, while wondering how so many fun people can make such a funny film. More than one critic called Holmes and Watson the worst movie ever to have included both iconic characters and almost all critics warn to stay away from it. This could be a movie to watch on Blu-ray when it’s released, which will most likely be very soon.

Holmes and Watson are tearing themselves apart, even getting a D + from CinemaScore, but that does not mean that fans of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are not going to enjoy. However, it seems like it could fall to the bottom of the list, even for hardcore fans who were hoping for a continuation of Step Brothers for all these years. That being said, only time will tell when we will see where Holmes and Watson rank with the rest of the duo’s work over the years. You can check out the 0% cool ranking at Rotten Tomatoes and read some of the negative reviews.


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