Horror Classic Returns to Theaters with All-New Score

Although we may not have any news on a new movie of Dead Evil, we have the best thing to do . Or maybe even a better thing. Composer Joseph LoDuca has re-imagined his iconic score for the horror classic, which will be showcased in 4K country theaters, with the new soundtrack included, a 5.1 surround sound mix and all.

Named Evil Dead: An Imagined Nightmare, this version of Sam Raimi's legendary horror film recently debuted at MondoCon in Austin, Texas. A clip has been published online that showcases the updated soundtrack of Joseph LoDuca. The scene sees Ash bury Linda, who according to him is dead, before discovering that it is not quite the case. Bruce Campbell had this to say about the new updated score and the importance of this new version.

"By mixing the sound for the Evil Dead in the early 80s, we had to put everything in one sound, so Joe LoDuca's superb score was unfairly competing with Kandarian Demons, sound effects gores and a lot of screaming With this new version, Joe can finally mix, balance and showcase his dynamic composition, perhaps for the first time ever! "

Grindhouse Releasing will visit this version of the film to the States United States from the month of October. Nearly 50 dates have already been announced. This is simply presented as the first set of dates, so it is likely that others will be added in the future. Joseph LoDuca had this to say.

"Producers always want popcorn to fly, and I'm often allowed large orchestras to make sure that happens, but I never seem to be able to sell the idea. that intimacy evokes a bubbling with limited means, I scored Evil Dead for a quintet with strings rose piano, hand percussion, a synthesizer and a little guitar, all I could put under On the score, I asked myself the following question: knowing what I know now, how could I write for this set today? I'm glad I did it. "

For the moment, the Evil Dead The franchise is a bit changing. Bruce Campbell retired as Ash following the cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It was promised that the franchise would continue in one form or another, with the discussion of a new film popping up here and there. Although nothing has been officially announced.

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With this in mind, something like this is a big problem for fans from Evil Dead . The question now is whether this new soundtrack will be available as a stand-alone version. We can only hope. Those looking to discover Evil Dead: A Nightmare Reimagined can visit GrindhouseReleasing.com for a complete list of cities and dates. Do not forget to watch the clip by yourself.

 Restoration Poster Evil Dead 4K


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