Host-Free Oscars Experiences Big Ratings Boost Over 2018

The Academy has been successful in achieving its goal of increasing the number of viewers for this year's Oscars telecast, and this , without host. The 91st Academy Awards had to face many challenges. It was the first time in three decades that the series unfolded without hostility after the fall of the act with Kevin Hart, given the controversy surrounding his anti-LGBTQ remarks resurfaced. Despite this, and the other hurdles that the show had to overcome, it managed to be a success, at least a very important metric, compared to the broadcast of last year.

According to figures released by Neilson, this year's Academy Awards attracted 29.6 million viewers. Although this remains the second lowest-rated television program of all time, this represents a 12% increase in the number of viewers compared to the 2018 show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who recorded a record-breaking 26.5 million viewers. This is particularly encouraging, given that the last time the Oscars unfolded without a host, it was in 1989 and was one of the worst television broadcasts in the history of the Oscars.

Much of the year was devoted to the Academy doing everything in its power to increase the audience. This ended up causing more problems than anything else. At one point, the Academy voted in favor of introducing a new category for popular films that, paradoxically, proved dramatically unpopular and was quickly removed. More recently, in an attempt to keep the show close to three o'clock, they planned to present four awards, including Best Cinematography, during commercial breaks, which once again revealed that more very unpopular. The decision was canceled and all awards were presented live.

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In the end, the show was scheduled at three hours and 21 minutes. There were many highlights and enjoyable moments, including Queen and Adam Lambert at the opening of the show, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing Shallow of of A Star Is Born and Black Panther surprising with three wins. Olivia Coleman also surprised in the category Best Actress for her work in The Favorite before delivering an instantly classic speech, given her real surprise of winning Glenn Close, the lucky favorite for her work in The Wife . Mike Myers and Dana Carvey also provided us with a brief meeting Wayne's World to the delight of many, and Spike Lee finally won an Oscar for his screenplay for BlacKkKKlansman .


The night was not without controversy and slowdowns. The Green Book defeated Roma for the best film, which turned out to be a rather unpopular decision. Spike Lee, on the other hand, was visibly upset and tried to leave the theater. Behind the scenes, he expressed disgust for the decision, saying the Academy had made a bad call. Nevertheless, the evening went much more smoothly than expected, given the approximate preparation of the ceremony. This date had already been reported by Deadline.


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